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Penn State’s Basketball Conference Opponents Announced

Penn State will get Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Rutgers as home-only opponents this season.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten announced the full slate of conference opponents on Monday, which fills out the missing parts of the schedule that were not yet known.

Penn State will face Maryland, Ohio State, Northwestern, Nebraska, and Iowa twice this season. They get Rutgers, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan home, while Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, and Purdue are road-only opponents.

We don’t yet know the dates for each conference game, but drawing Purdue, Minnesota, and Michigan State only once is big. Of the two-plays, Northwestern and Maryland stand to be just as good as last season, if not better, but Pat Chambers has managed to be more competitive against those two. The one wildcard on the two-plays is Iowa, which could be a middle of the pack team, or could content for a conference championship. It’ll be up to their young core to perform.

Stay tuned for further news on game dates once they’re announced.