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Top 10 Plays of 2016: No. 4-Saquon Barkley OT Touchdown Run vs Minnesota

The 2016 Big Ten Championship football season was full of big hits, breakaway runs, circus-like catches, and overall jaw-dropping plays. As a gear up to the highly anticipated 2017 season, we at Black Shoe Diaries have ranked our ten favorite and most impactful plays of last season. Up next: Saquon Barkley’s overtime TD run against Minnesota.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to revisit the Minnesota game for the third time in our countdown, but this is only the second time we see Mr. Barkley appear on the list.

Irvin Charles’ score in the third quarter cut the deficit to 13-10, and Trace McSorley scrambled in the fourth quarter to set up the tying field goal by Tyler Davis. After all of the exciting action, Penn State headed into the extra period against the Gophers with all of the momentum.

The Gophers had the ball first in overtime, and Rodney Smith was stuffed after a one yard gain. On second down, Mitch Leidner was sacked by Evan Schwan, and on third down, Leidner’s pass fell short of its target, thanks to pressure in the backfield by Garrett Sickels. Emmit Carpenter’s 46-yard field goal gave Minnesota the 26-23 lead.

The Big Ten announcers asked “Trace McSorley-what can he do in overtime?” It was a reasonable question, considering the 335 yards of total offense that McSorley had produced on the day. However, Saquon made sure there was no need for Trace in the extra session.

Barkley took the handoff in the shotgun, started up the middle, then, thanks to Brian Gaia’s clearing block, broke left past defensive lineman Gaelin Elmore, who desperately chased after him. His next victim was defensive back Adekunle Ayinde, who he froze with a nasty cut back to the middle of the field. Barkley finished off the run by eluding Elmore’s diving tackle, and leaping into the end zone as if he were participating in the hurdles at a track meet. He was deservedly mobbed by teammates in the North end zone, and Penn State secured the 29-26 victory. Here it is for your enjoyment.

It wouldn’t be the last time that Barkley would delight Penn State fans with his incredible athletic ability...