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Bracketology: Penn State’s Best Running Backs, Round 3

In light of the talk of Saquon Barkley’s place amongst the elite running backs, we decided to go back and see where he ranked in Happy Valley.

Ki-Jana Carter

After an extra voting week due to yours truly’s European jaunt, we’re back with the semifinal round of BSD’s bracket of Penn State’s best running backs of all time. Round two saw no upsets at all - and the top four remaining are the top four backs seeded by the Black Shoe Diaries staff:

If you’re already ready for the voting, go here!

Matchup 1 - #1 John Cappelletti vs #4 Curt Warner

RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
Cappelletti 491 138 353
Warner 389 235 154

The program’s only Heisman winner goes up against PSU’s first back to win an official National Title in a really close race.

John Cappelletti took on title winner Blair Thomas in the previous round, and won going away, as he has been wont to do in polls such as these. Next he takes on Curt Warner, who outplayed a Heisman winner in 1983 and has a chance to take down another one after the narrowest second round voting matchup, where he downed Penn State’s first player to break 2k yards, Larry Johnson.

Matchup 2 - #3 Ki-Jana Carter vs #2 Saquon Barkley

RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
Carter 492 134 358
Barkley 549 76 473

Perhaps the most intriguing possible matchup pits two running backs with remarkable Rose Bowl performances against each other.

Undefeated 1994 running back Ki-Jana Carter bested the Oregon Ducks before leaving the program early for the NFL; he defeated historical PSU icon Lenny Moore in the previous round pretty handily. But not as handily as current Nittany Lion Saquon Barkley, who had the biggest margin of victory in the last round - recency bias? Perhaps. We may find out this week.