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Black Shoe Degenerates: A New Start

Arrested Development, anyone?

NCAA Football: Penn State Blue-White Game Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another edition of Black Shoe Degenerates, your place to pretend you know anything about anything! For those new to this series, I, your humble host, embarrass myself on a weekly basis making picks on what I believe to be the best of that week. Sometimes I pick the most enticing matchups, but most times I pick the games with what I think are the best lines.

For those keeping track, my combined record for the past two seasons is 70-57-2. Win-loss records are fine, but I’m looking to do something different this season. I’m actually going to start with a budget of $1,000 fake money, and see where we are at the end of the season (or more accurately, how long it takes me to get to zero). There are a two rules I’ll follow for myself:

  1. I have to bet on every game I cover.
  2. I have to bet a minimum of $25 on each game.

And that, my dearest reader, is where you come in. I would like for you to join in with me using the same budget as myself. But your rules are more relaxed than mine, insofar as unlike me, you won’t have to pick every game. You will have to place at least one pick per week, however.

If you’d like to play, say so in the comments and I’ll keep a list. I’ll keep track of everyone who signs up and update the Richness Factor™ each week.

With that, let the embarrassment begin!