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Only Kevin Cousins Until Penn State Football

We’re closing in on a week before Penn State’s season begins!

Lions Run In Packs
That might actually be Mark Rubin.

When it comes to wide receivers in 2005, everyone remembers the Big Three. There was, in fact, a fourth standout wide receiver recruit in that class by the name of Kevin Cousins. Playing time for the fourth standout didn’t materialize in the way it did for the others, however.

Cousins hailed from Huguenot HS in Richmond, Va. He’d be the fourth recruit from the high school in the previous ten years, joining Marcus McFee, Eric Sturdifen, and Bruce Branch. He was a composite 3-star recruit per 247, and the 14th best player in Virginia.

Cousins saw action in four games during the 2006 season, and saw most of his playing time in 2007 against Wisconsin. Injuries kept him off the field at times.

Nine more days!

Sorry Trace, it’s Wide Receiver Week.