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Bracketology: Penn State’s Best Running Backs, Round 2

In light of the talk of Saquon Barkley’s place amongst the elite running backs, we decided to go back and see where he ranked in Happy Valley.

Larry Johnson #5...

Well, Round One is in the books. Not many upsets at all (only one outside of the top 8 made the next round), but some of those numbers are surprising. The results:

As with before, make sure you vote on the next round!

Matchup 1 - #1 John Cappelletti vs #8 Blair Thomas

RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
Cappelletti 1027 6 1021
Thomas 517 464 53

Though some in the comment section may have questioned John Cappelletti’s place atop the seedings, the voters did not. Cappelletti not only had the most votes for him, he only had 6 (six!) votes for his opponent, Eric McCoo. It definitely benefits being up against a late addition.

Blair Thomas came out of what I saw as the most difficult matchup of two opponents with the second closest margin of victory - and he doesn’t have an easier opponent after dispatching his former teammate, DJ Dozier. The national champ has his work cut out for him.

Matchup 2 - #5 Larry Johnson vs #4 Curt Warner

RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
Johnson 818 179 639
Warner 920 69 851

PSU’s only running back with 2k yards (for now), Larry Johnson easily dispatched the schools all-time leading rusher, Evan Royster. His opponent this round, though, won’t easily be bowled over.

Curt Warner took on Tony Hunt in the last round, and won going away. Warner held the Penn State career rushing list for dozens of years and now takes on an opponent almost as formidable as UGA in 1983.

Matchup 3 - #3 Ki-Jana Carter vs #11 Lenny Moore

RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
Carter 971 30 941
Moore 505 480 25

What some thought would be the most lopsided matchup proved to not be as Ki-Jana Carter overtook historical back Pete Mauthe, who still got 30 votes. One of this week’s days until stars, the ‘94 undefeated back will be hard to upset...

...but if anyone can do, it may just be Lenny Moore. Moore narrowly defeated his opponent in the last round, higher seeded Curtis Enis, and now the much-lauded Penn State and NFL star will be the underdog again.

Matchup 4 - #7 Lydell Mitchell vs #2 Saquon Barkley

RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
RB Votes For Votes Against M.O.V
Mitchell 576 412 164
Barkley 992 12 980

Lydell Mitchell dispatched his teammate and lead blocker, Franco Harris, in one of the closer splits - unsurprisingly. His third place single season rushing stat looks prime to be broken this year, by his next round opponent.

In the second-highest margin of victory, current Nittany Lion Saquon Barkley easily took care of Richie Anderson in the first round. He’ll be running all over Big Ten defenses this year - but can he keep his run in this bracket going?

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