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Only Troy Apke Until Penn State Football

Four weeks until football is back!

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Apke was a member of the 2014 class at Penn State, James Franklin’s first. Troy actually committed in 2013, but held firm in his commitment after Bill O’Brien departed. Originally a wide receiver, Apke switched into the secondary, which was in need of bodies. In 2014, Troy played mostly on special teams, recording two tackles. Those numbers bumped up in 2015 to 26 tackles, with one pass defended, and one forced fumble. In 2016, he notched 28 tackles and added in one interception.

2017 will be Apke’s last year in the blue and white, and he looks to fill the vacancy left by Malik Golden’s departure. Troy is currently in a battle with Nick Scott and Ayron Monroe to roam the secondary opposite Marcus Allen. While he has yet to take full advantage of his speed, Apke will be called upon as a rotational player at a minimum to keep the defense fresh late in games.

Four weeks to go everyone! Get hype!