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MMQB: Should Franklin Acknowledge Big Games?

Franklin’s “one game at a time” approach has ruffled some feathers in the aftermath of Pitt’s win.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

After Saturday’s comments about being “like beating Akron,” James Franklin set the world ablaze with questions of whether he meant what he said or whether he’s simply taking the same approach to every game. Franklin has since walked back his comments (in a way I don’t particularly agree with, but that’s another topic for another day), and explained that all he meant was that the team approaches every game equally.

Pat Narduzzi had been running his mouth for the better part of two years, until suddenly he started singing the praises of Penn State’s program. There was talk that he was doing some crass negative recruiting behind the scenes (something Franklin himself alluded to in an interview), which couldn’t have possibly endeared Franklin to his counterpart in Western Pennsylvania.

On the other hand, Franklin himself hasn’t missed an opportunity to throw shade at Pitt whenever possible. Who can forget the “there's programs within hours of here that had one more win, but you would think they played for a national championship” comment? Enough shade has been thrown from both directions to create another eclipse. It all came to a seeming crescendo when Franklin, evidently letting some steam out after two years’ worth of buildup, made his “just like beating Akron” comments. Where it goes from here, only time will tell.

So what say you, the fans? Should Franklin acknowledge big games as such, or is his “one game at a time” approach preferred?