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Success with Hyperlinking is Spiking the Ball

Volleyball news and the origins of Trace McSorley’s home-run celebration.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Beginning the year on an extended road-trip, the women’s volleyball team will enter their home opener this Friday with a 7-0 record. The season is young, but Russ Rose has put together yet another talented roster with championship aspirations. This weekend they’ll take on Yale, Wake Forest, and Ohio at Rec Hall.

The women’s soccer team suffered a defeat to #8 Virginia on Sunday, their second loss of the season. It was a tightly contested game, with Penn State answering the Cavaliers first two goals before falling behind a third and final time in the 62nd minute. After the defeat the Nittany Lions fell from #5 to #8 in the rankings. They’ll play Northwestern tomorrow night (9/14) at home.

Fall weddings can be a contentious issue among football fans. Two Penn State die-hards found a way to schedule a fall wedding without causing their friends, family, and themselves to miss a single minute of Penn State football. Crazy? Maybe. Good luck convincing your significant other that this is the right way to celebrate your marriage.

What good is a tailgate, or a wedding reception for that matter, without quality beer? PennLive has a segment featuring 5 craft brews filmed at Al’s of Hampden (aka Pizza Boy brewery).

Former Penn State wide-out and famed punt returner for the Denver Broncos, Jordan Norwood announced his retirement this week and shared a statement fit for the Players Tribune. Centre Daily Times shared the full statement, and I’ve included the intro below.

And finally, ESPN published a feature about Trace McSorley with some details provided by his roommate and teammate Billy Fessler. In it you’ll read about McSorley’s growth into the confident star player he’s become, and how he developed the swagger we see on the field despite being rather reserved off the field. McSorley shares the origin of his home-run swing, and that Joe Moorhead encourages a bit of celebratory flair from his offense.

Also, back-up QB Tommy Stevens has been searching for love on Twitter.