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BSD Mailbag 9.15.17

Guess who’s back, back again

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a bye-week Georgia State week, and we’ve got a day full of tailgating ahead of us. What could be better? A mailbag along with it!

Is it safe to say CJF and JOMO attack Georgia State with a run heavy offense? This would help the T.O.P. factor the defense suffered against Pitt, and keep them fresh for B1G play the following week. Also, I don’t know about you guys, but I want to see more Sanders/Robinson running the GD ball. Follow up….how much is JOMO holding back?--PeteZockyU

I don't think they'll be more run-heavy than against Akron - at the beginning of the game, at least. Come the fourth quarter, when Tommy Stevens is running the offense, it'll be more handoffs. I think Miles Sanders breaks one, making up for his fumble (albeit self-recovered) last week. I don't think JoMo is holding back; he showed some trick plays in week one - and his offense is predicated on taking what the defense gives him. If they don't give him that many options, he won't use them. He doesn't seem to be the type of coach that holds onto trick plays - rather, the type that shows you his cards and dares you to beat him anyway.

Your thoughts:

1. Nick Scott should be starting safety next to Allen

2. Why shouldn’t Thompkins be returning kickoffs--joey.taylor.jt

  1. Yes. Scott is possibly the surest tackler on the team (remarkable, considering he was a running back just two seasons ago) and brings a fierceness and fire to the squad.
  2. DeAndre Thompkins isn't a kick returner, he's a punt returner - and a darn good one. I'm comfortable with him mastering that craft, as they use different skills, and letting someone else take over on kickoff returns (I'd like to see Sanders back there again, or maybe Lamont Wade or Zech McPhearson).

2 questions

1) I can’t remember the last time i wasn’t excited for an upcoming Penn state game. I’m not excited for this week…mostly because I think it will be a bloodbath. Is there something wrong with me and should I make an appointment to see a doctor?

2) because of a recent merger of two county 911 services, I was forced to get a new address. My neighbors (2) and I had a say in the street name but certainly not the number. Two of the three of us our alums. Do I now have the best address ever? 22 Nittany Lane--psupro

  1. Yes. It's a day full of tailgating before a darn Penn State football game, with no stress attached - that's what I'd call a perfect Saturday. We get to see one of the nation's premier offenses, coupled by an improved defense, on what looks to be a beautiful fall Saturday. I'm excited.
  2. That's pretty darn sweet - but it could be a little better.

Any news on Oruwariye injury? We’re going to need him against Indiana and Michigan.--RWReese

Amani has been the biggest surprise for me on defense this fall - I didn't expect him to show that he could be a starter at corner since John Reid's injury, but he legitimately has - there's no dropoff when he's on the field in the place of Grant Haley or Christian Campbell. And though James Franklin hasn't spoken about his injury because he never does unless it's season-ending, I'd actually prefer to see Oruwariye on the sidelines this week unless and until he's at 100%. Since the apparent ankly injury happened at the very end, I wouldn't get my hopes up - but hopefully next week.

What kind of NFL prospect is McSorely? And who does he remind you of ? Showing my age here, but I see him as comparable to the Detmer brothers and/or a poor man’s Jeff Garcia as a pro. Would love to contribute to the Scotch discussion, but lots of trial and error has proven for me that if I like a particular scotch, I really can’t afford it on a regular basis, and if it is something affordable, I really don’t like it. Thank God for beer and wine…--phillyfanisc

I don't think he'll be taken in the first two days of the draft whenever he goes. He's versatile and athletic and teams love that, but I doubt he'll end up a starter at the next level. I'm not really sure who to compare him to, because I don't follow much NFL aside from my beloved Skins--maybe Doug Flutie? He was pretty mobile and could chuck it, right?

Compare and contrast the following recruiting situations:

1. Shady McCoy

2. Micah Parsons

3. Terrelle Pryor--McCloskeywasinbounds

Parsons, however his recruitment may seem to us, doesn't seem anywhere near the level of the other two - but we are living in the golden age of social media, which didn't surround either McCoy (who purportedly tried to fight Michael Robinson in the locker room, and didn't have the best academic reputation) or Pryor, whose recruitment opened up a ton of bagmen talk. Parsons isn't surrounded by rumors of either sort; his drama is more focused on his social media presense (normal nowadays, even if he's more honest than some say he should be) and his apparent desire to be courted on the recruiting trail. He seems like a project that a good coach would have to attempt to reign in to a degree, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing - if you have coaches who would be willing and able to do that.

Cam Brown really disappeared against Pitt after a great first game. Does he bounce back? It sure seemed the coaches punished his playing time after the late hit debacle (yes, poor choice but refs should blow the f’n whistle). He was still on kicks and punts but a big step back this week.--BMAN13

He'll definitely bounce back. He's still a young player -19 year old true sophomore - and has a lot to learn. I have confidence that he'll be a factor; keep in mind that last season he made his bread and butter on special teams once our linebacker depth came back, so that's more of a natural position for him right now. He'll get more time this week as the defense will rotate even more than they did in week one.

What does the score have to be at half-time (or end of Q3) in order for CJF to rest the starters?--Dinsdale Piranha

I don't see Franklin resting the starters to start the second half - but if PSU is up by five scores and starts that half tacking another on, I doubt they'll be in past the first second half possession. I think Stevens and the offense of the future plays the entire fourth quarter.

On a scale of 1 to waking up to Pennywise staring at you in your sleep, how scared are you of playing in Kinnick at night?--Jared Slanina

Like a four? After 2012, Kinnick at night isn't a scary place to me. And Ferentz-coached teams tend to not be as good against a spread offense; JoMo should have something fun cooked up. Akrum Wadley is the real deal, but he's no Saquon Barkley. And Josey Jewell is good - but he's just one guy. This isn't 2008, and we'll be fine.

Please tell me you're not still afraid of the trip to NW. Or in the form of a question….Are you still scared of NW?--JayMPSU

Meh, not really. Or, not any more than MSU or Iowa.

Does a two loss B1G Champ OSU get in the playoff over a one loss PSU? Not that PSU loses to OSU, but if it does happen?--wvlion

I wish I could say with confidence that it doesn't happen. But after what happened to Ohio State last year in the playoffs, I bet they'll stick to their conference champ mantra this year - even if (or because?) it sticks Ohio State in there again.

But they could revert back; last year, they put Ohio State in because the year before (in 2015), they had rejected returning champ and one-loss Ohio State in favor of Michigan State, who won the Big Ten on a last second play in the Championship Game. The Spartans proceeded to get embarrased in the playoffs, and in an effort to not repeat that, they went with the one-loss OSU squad last year, a team that they felt was shafted the year before and played one of the best New Year's Six games on the year. What happens? They ended up shafting Penn State, who instead of the playoffs plays one of the best New Year's Six games ever. Hindsight is 20-20. But I don't have confidence they'll get it right, though I do have confidence we'll second guess them the entire time.

How long until Urban Meyer retires again due to 'health reasons'? He won a championship in 2008, then ‘retired’ in 2011, three years later due to stress (or realizing he was never going to win another championship there). Now at anOSU, he won a championship in 2014 and three years later in 2017 he has to realize his team sucks and will never win another natty so I figure the ‘stress’ will make him retire soon. The question is, is it immediately after this season when they lose to us and UM, or sometime in the off-season maybe after spring practices.--RWReese

If OSU goes 9-3 this season (not out of the realm of realism), I wouldn't be surprised. There are rumors of discontent and division in his lockerroom (which may not be correct, it could be sour grapes) and the issues with recruiting at wide receiver have been obvious. I don't really think it will happen, but I wouldn't be surprised.

If Pitt joined the Big Ten, would we still demand a 2-for-1 for home games?--Aqua Velva Man

This point is moo, but we wouldn't be able to do that - the conference wouldn't let us. But we totally should.

If we played Ohio State this weekend, who is favored? know Urban Meyer probably hasn’t lost back to back home games maybe ever, but damn if that Oklahoma offense didn’t look similar to ours…--vern05

If it was at home for us, I'd say we'd be favored by at least a touchdown. If it was at OSU, I'd say the Bucks - but less than by the 3 points that home teams generally get.

Has anyone heard how Tony Carr performed at the Nike Basketball Academy?--jrh5064

I can't find any results anywhere - even on premium boards I frequent. Maybe others have some insight?

How do Rutgers fans feel about their wrestling squad listing "Penn State" twice on the team roster page on their website?--Smee

This is hilarious to me. If the Rutgers wrestling "fans" who sat behind me at MSG in 2016 are any indicator, they would absolutely abhor it - but I'm not convinced many of them know too much about wrestling to make much difference. If, before Nico Megaludis even starts to wrestle, you say he's known for not pushing the action or being very exciting, you don't know too much about the sport.

Professional question(s)

(1.) Do you (or any on BSD staff) get credentialed to Coach Franklin’s/other players press conferences?

(2.) If the answer to (1.) is yes, has anyone ever asked a coach or player if they read the comments in BSD?--LarzLion

  1. We have in the past, and when we have someone in the booth during games, we go to postgame pressers
  2. No, but BOB once name-dropped us. And when I first met Steph Morris years ago, before he podcasted with us, he knew of the site - but wasn't very familiar with the community. It's a known site, but I'd doubt any of them have time to wade into the comments. That's for post-XFL, pre-fruit vending players.

Do you think anything will happen on September 23, 2017 (and I don’t mean us beating Iowa)? Hint: Google "September 23 2017".--spigmana

Yes. My friends Joanna and Jesse will be getting married!

Aside from that, nope.

Recommend a super peaty, crazy smoky, ass-rotten, hair-on-the-balls scotch! I have a bottle of Lagavulin 16, but that is not peaty and smoky enough for my wife’s insatiable peat lust. Please advise.--WorldBFat

I have a confession to make: I don't like peaty scotch. I prefer smoother, no-hair-on-chest, non-smoky whiskey - typically rye or blended varieties. But I found this - and I feel like you and your wife should do a taste test and report back.

After time is spent, where does it go? Why do humans only perceive time as moving forward? Are you into horology?--MrNoPants

The study of time isn't my thing - I prefer wasting it. I think any perception of time as anything other than linear is often too complex an idea (similar in nature to the notion that there are any dimensions that exist beyond those that humans can actually perceive with their senses, despite the fact that more dimensions have been scientifically proven to exist). I believe that our sense of deja vu does have more to do with the notion of "time" than anything else, and it's not entirely linear, but I haven't read about or studied up on horological ideas enough to formulate an educated, or even fairly logical, reasoning why. Call it a gut feeling, and a belief that there's much more out there that we can't see, hear, smell, or touch.

Marry one, kill one, eff one: Fitzgerald, Narddawg, Harbaugh. And go……--swift_retribution

I'd probably marry Harbaugh. Because he's a jerk, but he's also rich and he seems to treat his wife well - plus he's such a good coach that he wouldn't be home much to annoy me. I'd definitely kill Narduzzi, because he's a hypocritical word I'm not going to say. That means, yes, I'd eff Fitz - while he's the coach on this list I hate the most, he's the most attractive. I'd hate-sleep with him.

57 is the line. Do you take the over or under on the number of next week’s random thoughts?--Smee

Under, because it should be a blowout. Do me proud, Adam!

What song lyrics did you mishear as a child and thought they were right until you were an adult? What was that moment like when you realized that you were wrong?--Gerry Dincher

I truly can't remember one that I consciously thought were the wrong lyrics - but I'm loving reading the comments of what y'all in the community heard, so please keep them coming in this comment section!