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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Georgia State

The staff looks into their crystal ball for results against the Panthers (Again).

Georgia State v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This should likely be a dissection. Outside of the little wrinkle with Trace and Tommy both in the game simultaneously, they have yet to reveal any tricks and this week will prove to be much the same. See if Trace can iron out his early season issues, get Saquon a couple hundred yards on the ground, then turn things over to the reserves and coast into the conference slate without injuries.

Penn State 64, Georgia State 6


Georgia State is probably a little worse than Akron. Hopefully, we get to see how the offense looks with Tommy Stevens and Miles Sanders in the backfield. It would be nice if Sanders could get some carries without dropping the ball. I'm going to be rooting for another shutout from the defense, but shutouts are hard.

Penn State 55, Georgia State 6


I mean, yeah, Penn State's going to win here. Would like to see a crisp performance from the Nittany Lions in the last game before Big Ten play. Hopefully, we see some more shots deep, although Moorhead might be waiting until the Iowa game to unleash the "Eff it, we're going deep" offense. Pretty sure Saquon Barkley will have a big day -- something to the tune of 200+ rushing yards on less than 20 carries.

Penn State 58, Georgia State 7

Chris Lucia

After a largely "okay" game against Pitt, I'd really like another big game - in all three phases - to quell any concerns out there before B1G play begins. I think this is another game where the starters are pulled sometime in the third quarter, and Miles Sanders FINALLY gets a few carries without fumbling the dang ball.

Penn State 49, Georgia State 6


This will be a bigger win than both Pitt and Akron against a Georgia State team that hasn't played on grass since 2015.

Penn State 49, Georgia State 7


The defense comes away with another shutout, although they do falter a bit and allow Georgia State to cross midfield a few times. Saquon breaks a big kick-return to silence the critics. On offense I expect Mike Gesicki to dominate, grabbing two touchdowns and close to 100 yards receiving. Am I the only one wondering why this is a night game? Not to worry, this game should be over by half-time allowing fans to go to bed on time, or whatever else people do at night.

Penn State 59, Georgia State 0


Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties because it's cold out there! (PSU beats Akron 52-0)

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties because it's cold out there! (PSU beats Akron 33-14)

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties because it's cold out there! (PSU beats Akron 56-10)


Bscaff took my Akron joke, so now I have to get creative. Or not really. Georgia State, statistically, is supposed to be better on defense than than the other two teams we’ve faced (no, really). They, however, are by no means a better team than the previous two opponents. If there were a time for Saquon Barkley to break the single-game rushing record, this would be it.

Penn State 56, Georgia State 17*


(originally appearing on PennLive)

The Georgia State Panthers have played one game this season - their inaugural game at their (beautiful) new home stadium. They lost to FCS Tennessee State. Contrast that to Penn State's first week foe, Akron, who scored 52 points of their own a week after letting up that amount and being shut out. This Nittany Lion squad is very good, on offense and defense, and the Panthers are not. The outcome of this won't really be in question; the only thing to resolve is the score.

PLAYER ON THE SPOT: Trace McSorley had a rare off day against Pitt, when by his own admission he couldn't settle down and play his game. This week he should be much improved, calmer more quickly, and his play should improve. If not, this team has bigger issues than previously thought.

DON’T BE SURPRISED IF … more starters see fewer minutes than they did in Week 1 and more players overall get in than did against the Zips.

PREDICTION: Saquon Barkley will only return one kick, and will still break 250 yards. Tommy Stevens will be responsible for multiple touchdowns after McSorley gets to sit for much of the second half. This will be over pretty quickly.

Penn State 59, Georgia State 7


(originally appearing in the Game Preview)

If you were going to pick an automatic victory for Penn State in 2017, this is the one. Georgia State is a Sun Belt squad coming off a 3-9 season, and a program that fielded its first football team in 2010 before making an early leap to FBS. The Panthers are still seeking an identity as they work on building the program.

Georgia State should have trouble just moving the ball against a surprisingly stout Nittany Lions defense. As long as Penn State’s offense makes plays, this game should be over early as the Nittany Lions don’t look back on their way to a 3-0 start to the season.

Saquon Barkley rushes for 140 yards and three total touchdowns before exiting the game, while DeAndre Thompkins hauls in a bomb for an early 70-yard touchdown strike. On defense, Shareef Miller and Kevin Givens each contribute two sacks apiece, while Grant Haley picks off a pass for the second week in a row.

Penn State 49, Georgia State 7