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Big Ten Power Rankings — Week 3

The Big Ten might be very average.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

1. Penn State (3-0)

The Nittany Lions aren’t without their problems, but it really does seem like Penn State has cemented its spot as the best team in the Big Ten — at least, to this point. A night game at Kinnick awaits for the Nitts.

2. Ohio State (2-1)

Maybe I’m just a sucker, but I truly do think the Buckeyes are the second best team in the Big Ten. They’ll struggle against teams that can sling the ball around — something neither Wisconsin nor Michigan do well.

3. Wisconsin (3-0)

I fully admit I could be deemed a Wisconsin #hater with my ranking, but even if I don’t have them No. 2, this is still a really good football club. It’s a ways away, but interested to see how the Badgers match up with Michigan.

4. Michigan (3-0)

Speaking of the Wolverines, they continue to look just how they did last year, except the offense might even be worse. Air Force is certainly a solid team, but Michigan should have been able to show a little something more offensively. Who would have thought this at the beginning of the season, but this week’s Michigan-Purdue game is super intriguing.

5. Iowa (3-0)

Despite the 31-14 final score, the Hawkeyes really struggled against North Texas, even trailing at the half. We’ll see what Iowa is made of (probably corn) this coming Saturday when they welcome Penn State to Iowa City.

6. Maryland (2-0)

The Terrapins were off this week, but will be back at it this weekend when they host UCF.

7. Michigan State (2-0)

The Spartans were also off this week as they prepare for a primetime kickoff against Notre Dame.

8. Purdue (2-1)

Incredibly disappointed I won’t be posting the Jeff Brohm XFL video, but the Boilermakers deserve actual words this week. Missouri might be straight trash, but for Purdue to absolutely thrash them 35-3 just shows the progress Brohm has already made. Very excited to see what Brohm’s boys can do against Michigan.

9. Indiana (1-1)

Indiana’s game against FIU was cancelled, keeping them at 1-1 on the year. Georgia Southern is next on the docket for the Hoosiers.

10. Minnesota (3-0)

Minnesota will have a bye this coming Saturday before starting Big Ten play. Not quite sure this offense is good enough to consistently score during conference play, but hey, Row The Boat.

11. Northwestern (2-1)

Northwestern bounced back to beat Bowling Green 49-7, but this is still a bad team.

12. Nebraska (1-2)

Mike Riley isn’t going to be Nebraska’s coach next season.

13. Illinois (2-1)

I literally don’t have a thought on Illinois football.

14. Rutgers (1-2)

Rutgers beat Morgan State 65-0. I think if BSD put together a football team of just us bloggers, we could beat Morgan State 65-0.