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Week One Bold Predictions: Akron Week

How will Penn State handle the fightin’ Terry Bowden’s?

NCAA Football: Penn State Blue-White Game Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports


Penn State returns to the field today to taking on Akron and its wonderful mascot Zippy (hi Zippy!). This means we returns our bold prediction thread for the weekend. Here’s what we’ve got for Week 1:


The Nittany Lions' dominance will mean that we won't see Saquon Barkley or Trace McSorley play any snaps in the second half. Tommy Stevens will throw for 100+ yards and Miles Sanders will rush for over 100 yards for the first time in his career.


Akron gets shut out


Multiple Penn State players finish the game with over 100 receiving yards.


Saquon Barkley will not be the leading rusher.


Miles Sanders takes the opening kickoff return to the house.


Penn State will have two running backs rush for 100-plus yards. Koa Farmer forces a fumble off the edge, which is promptly scooped up and taken to the end zone by one of his fellow defenders.

Chris L

The Lions look terrible for a quarter, leading to "Fire Franklin" rumbles, before Penn State puts on a dominating second half and coasts to an easy win.


Tommy Stevens will throw for at least one touchdown.

Chris T

The play-by-play announcers will mention that Saquon Barkley is a Heisman candidate at least six times and that Penn State is a contender to make the playoffs at least three times. Many tailgaters will drink more than one beer for every point Akron scores.

There you have ‘em. We showed you ours, now you should us yours.