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BSD Mailbag 9.22.2017

We’re talking Penn State-Iowa, football and wrestling, in this week’s mailbag!

NCAA Football: Iowa at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

What's your favorite gameday meals/snacks when Penn State is on the road and you're watching at home? I always like to have things prepared in advance so I can easily grab something from the kitchen and then immediately be back in front of the TV. Any special suggestions? Or do you take a break from all the tailgaiting prep and just do take out when Penn State is on the road?--Jared Slanina

I don't stay at home for Penn State football games. For away games, now I go to Exiles (my first plug of the year! They're awesome, check them out - they're doing a Thon event this Saturday before the Iowa game, and are giving away a pair of tickets to the Maryland game during every game).

Please give all your other away game gameday selections in the comments!

Barkley's Heisman chances: With teams keying on the run, can he make up for it by receiving out of the backfield? This, if course, goes along with the notion that no other candidates clearly have their own case for winning.--TiogaCounty

Yes, I think this is the case. Every college football media member has been harping on his all-purpose yards, not his rushing yards - they still recognize he's the best running back in the nation. As defenses key on Saquon Barkley, Trace McSorley will be opened up in the passing (and running game), which in turn will open up run lanes for Barkley.

During a game in 2004, QB Zack Mills rushed, passed and received a touchdown. Is he the only Nittany Lion to ever do this? Does Tommy Stevens have a chance this season to do the same?--PeteZockyU

I'm not sure if there are any other PSUers, but I wouldn't bet on it; as for Stevens, yes. I'm betting this happens on November 11.

When Barkley goes to the trainer's tent or the locker room during a game, do you think they could post something on the big board like, "It’s nothing to worry about", or "Better pucker up hard", or something to give an indication what’s going on? I don’t need specifics, just an indication if my hopes and dreams for this season can continue or are about to be crushed into dust. I don’t want to say I have a lot of emotional currency riding on this season, but that would be the truth of the matter and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.--RWReese

I have nothing to say about this, I just wanted to post it.

Who will be the first dipshit DC that says "I'm not selling out to stop Barkley, he's only one guy" Please be this guy, pleaaaaassseeee


As much as I wish this would be the case, I bet it won't happen until later in the season - maybe Homecoming against Rutgers. I wish it would be October 7, though.

When Urbz retires this year after an 8 - 5 season, will LJ Sr. and Schiano chose gladiator- or girl-slap-style fighting to determine who is the next anOSU head football coach?--PSU_Lions_84

LJ would only have taken the head coaching position at Penn State; he'll retire from Ohio State, it's just a matter of when. I could see them going the Schiano route - provided his defenses are still decent there. And frankly I think this would be hilarious.

I might have missed the discussion, but does Connor McGovern snap the ball end over end? it looks like he holds it by the butt rather than the middle of the ball. my buddy says he still spirals it even holding it that way but i can’t wrap my head around that. please help settle this dispute.--m628496

McGovern has supposedly shifted to the "dead ball" snap - and he's not alone. I, for one, am glad this is going this way - there was some poor exchanges in the Akron game before the switch, which seemed cleaner the last week.

What is more likely: Saquon Barkley wins the Heisman or the Redskins fire Jay Gruden before the end of the season?--wvlion

I highly, highly doubt, as amazing as EVERYONE knows Barkley is, he gets the Heisman. It seems to be almost solely a quarterback award now; and if Trace McSorley has half the year some are predicting, he could split some votes out from Barkley. So I'll go with Gruden (and I'm not unopposed).

I have oline/dline concerns is this warranted because Iowa and kinnick or is this PSU pessimism?--gestaltshift

This is PSU pessimism. Our dline is not a concern; on defense, linebackers are the only concern. In terms of oline, Moorhead will scheme around any potential deficiencies, and we have Mahon back.

I'm not saying that if we lose I'll be shocked (though I'm not expecting it), but it won't be because of line play.

ever see a happier coach on the wrong end of a 56-0 shellacking? dude was all big smiles and hugs after the game….I guess he wasn’t as pissed about the late TO as Francesa was.--kingkub

He wasn't pissed because it was all cheap points his team gave up, natch. Plus, the timeout was no more dickish than kicking a field goal with seconds to go when your team is down 56.

Real question: Sunday night I flew into Atlanta for work and after departing the airport, I drove by Georgia State University (and their newly configured Turner Field which is now their football stadium) and saw no rioting in the streets due to the late timeout the PSU took to set their appropriate defense.

Question: Why is this an issue? Was this a "if a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it?" moment or is this another attempt by the fraternity of sports-related reporters to pile on Penn State? I mean, I will bet that most of them (save for the PSU beat) who were not tuned into BTN at the time of the timeout and only outraged when hearing of it later.--LarzLion

It's an issue because it's James Franklin, and he just rubs some people the wrong way. I'm not sure why that is, but he has a ton of haters out there; let's be honest, if this was Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, or Jim Harbaugh, all of whom have arguably done worse in blowout wins, zero fucks would be given. But because he's Franklin, and he's still viewed by most as not on that level, he doesn't get the leeway other coaches get. I understand his decision, and I applaud it.

Are you going to the dual meet against Iowa on February 10th at the Bryce Jordan Center? If you are going, can we set up a BSD tailgate? Might be too cold for anything other than adult beverages but that would work for me.--BMAN13

YES. I LOVE IT, LET'S DO IT. Also, cold or not, this can happen - God made propane heaters for a reason.

Isn't it a little early? The dual isn’t until February. Whatevs. I got 29-8, Waddya got?--Smee

I'm going 30-10 in way too early guessing. I think PSU drops three of 125, 133, 141 and 197 (with 133 or 141 being the likely win, provided Cortez is back and depending on his weight); I don't see PSU not getting bonus out of the five returning national champs. Plus, Nick Nevills should win pretty easily. On paper, only four would be competetive, and since it's in the BJC, I think I'm pretty generous to Iowa here.

How many butts would be in the seats or standing on the seats at Beaver Stadium if the Nittany Lions and Hawkeyes held an early season dual meet there?--Gerry Dincher

I have no doubt we'd break Iowa's record, set two years ago when John Smith and Oklahoma State came to Kinnick before a primetime football game. I know of a ton of people who would go into Beaver never having watched a wrestling dual before - coupled with those of us who maybe come up for the BJC dual, but never have been able to secure season tickets.

Which bald PSU coach beats Iowa worse?


I'm gonna go with Franklin. Last year, Penn State football won by 30 and the wrestling squad took 7 of the ten matchups in the dual meet; I'm not sure there's much improvement to be had on either side, so we'll just keep it copacetic. I think both Iowa coaches have got to be frustrated in going up against their Happy Valley counterparts.

Towel theft shenanigans . . .Cheeky and fun, or cruel and tragic?--NittanyPUMA

This seems like it's all in good fun and not malicious in any way, so I'm totally for it.

Where does Amazon go with the HQ2? Since every city with 1 million plus people will sell its soul to make the final cut – including Philly and Pittsburgh – I was wondering if you have thoughts on leaders/contenders. In my opinion, Toronto, Columbus (ick, I know), Atlanta, Baltimore and Detroit may present compelling cases (though each have their downsides as well). Maybe a Texas location as well.--kijana's acl

Amazon's headquarters are currently located in Seattle, so I'd expect their second headquarters to not be on the west coast , but rather farther east. It's tough to see it not be in the south, as most southern states have better tax climates for big business; I'd put money on Texas, Georgia, or maybe Florida. But there is an outside chance that it's brought to the DC metro area, with Jeff Bezos' ownership of the Post.

IT/etiquette question: Is it better to keep open multiple webpages (as tabs) so each comment is noticable? Or, is one better served to close, refresh, open a webpage to see the new content? & How awesome is the z button? Space is a factor in the webbrowser top index indicator.--MrNoPants

I'm going to let you into my BSD reading habits. When I get home for the day, I right click and open up in new tabs every story that has new comments (since I've generally already read them all). This can be onerous and draining of memory, so I use the OneTab chrome extension, which condenses all of the open tabs (speeding up the connection), and open them up one at a time.

Also, the Z key is amazing - and I recommend anyone who reads the comments, even those of you who don't want to comment yourselves, to create a log in solely to use the Z key.

Best winery in DC area? Best you ever been to?--Sperbro

I know you dislike it, so I won't say Stone Tower. Instead, I'll give you two other options: one is Paradise Springs, which is one of the closest (located in Clifton). The kicker for me and Paradise? Every time I've been there, we've gotten a recruit. Not joking.

The other one that I love a lot is farther out, in Delaplane; it's called Cobbler Mountain. A few years ago, in addition to their wines, they started brewing their own cider and now their cidery has taken over and is the bulk of their business. But the grounds are beautiful, the owners are super nice, and everything is delicious; it's smaller than Paradise or Stone Tower or another favorite, Bull Run, but it is absolutely worth it.

If vegetarianism is healthy, why are so many vegetarians fat?--psualum9931

Vegetarianism, like any diet variety, is only healthy if you eat healthy foods on it. Many of the worst foods, health-wise, are actually vegetarian (like french fries, most baked goods, deep dish pizza, ice cream). Everything, even the "worst" foods, are ok in moderation - and just because it doesn't have meat products in it doesn't mean it's healthy. The opposite, of course, is also true; just because it has meat products in it doesn't necessarily mean it *isn't* healthy. It's all about moderation and knowing what works for you.

I'm on my own for dinner at least one night before the mailbag answers post (for the commenters) and at least one night after (for Cari). What sh\ould I have for dinner?--WorldBFat

I'm a big fan of eating something for dinner that's not traditionally dinner. And since you're alone, you love to cook, and you seem pretty adventurous - I say try a Baked Alaska. Go big or go home.

Did someone say "scrapple"?--ReadingRambler


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How fast did the scrapple disappear at your tailgate last weekend?-- JPPearson

I'm not ashamed to admit I ate probably a third of the above plate, with another friend eating the second third and the rest of the tailgate eating the rest. It was cooked perfectly (a variety of bacon scrapple) - and the best part? My friends went to the PSU meats lab for me on Friday and got me scrapple, so I have my own for future non-tailgate breakfasts!