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Bold Predictions: Iowa Week

NCAA Football: Iowa at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State heads to Kinnick Stadium tonight for its conference opener.

Will the Nittany Lions fall prey to the Iowa City voodoo that has plagued numerous top five teams in the past? Here are our bold predictions:


Tommy Stevens finds the end zone yet again for Penn State and fans realize just how much better the Nittany Lions are than Iowa from a personnel standpoint.


Tommy Stevens has a rushing touchdown against Iowa for the second year in a row, the defense shuts out the Hawkeyes in the second half, and Christian Campbell has a huge interception in the fourth quarter to help seal the victory.


PSU leads at the half due to a pair of Barkley and Gesicki touchdowns, and rolls the Hawkeyes in the second half with scores from everyone from Trace McSorley to DaeSean Hamilton.


Wadley gets held under 100 yards, and Penn State gets another special teams touchdown.


Lamont Wade will get his first career interception.


Iowa won't even win the coin toss this time. Tommy Stevens throws a TD out of the two-QB formation.


Iowa will score more points off turnovers/special teams big plays (like a really good return deep into PSU territory) than off of long sustained drives.


Iowa's fullback will score a touchdown just to spite me.

Chris L

Saquon Barkley takes one to the house...a kickoff that is.


Penn State gets its third shutout of the season.