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Success with Hyperlinking is a Lithe-Limbed Lion

Dwelling on the past with a report from Penn State’s 1929 walk-off win, retro end-zone designs, and the history of Joe Moorhead’s offense.

Penn State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Mark Wogenrich of The Morning Call dives into Penn State’s history to trace the last time the football team won in walk-off fashion in regulation (discounting Barkley’s walk-off run in OT against Minnesota last year). You have to go all the way back to 1929 to find a play that meets the criteria, and it’s worth reading if only to see how sports reporting has changed over the past century. Phrases like, “clutching the pigskin to his breast, the stalwart, lithe-limbed Lion set off toward the Leopard goal line like a frightened fawn,” and, “strong men wept and old men suddenly became strong under the emotional stimulous [sic] of the great victors,” capture the true poetry of football.

In case you missed it, Penn State is going all-out with this weekend’s throwback theme. Not only will the team wear uniforms which honor Penn State’s history, the end-zones too will feature retro designs.

Fresh off his game-winning catch that alerted the rest of the nation to Juwan Johnson’s pass-catching abilities, the sophomore wideout was featured on ESPN for an interview which Land of 10 transcribed. Johnson describes what was going through his head while he made the catch, and how he feels about Coach Franklin calling him “a vacuum.”

Curious how Joe Moorhead developed his offense? SI investigated by talking to former players and coaches who’ve worked with Moorhead and constructed an oral history of the offense that has changed the national image of Penn State Football.

Former Penn State Women’s Lacrosse star, Michele DeJuliis helped to found the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League which will debut September 30th with an exhibition showcase. In addition to the on-the-field excellence that the league will aspire to, DeJuliis hopes it will provide personal and character development opportunities as well. “We really had the thought of putting together a league where we could make an impact across the country from the grassroots on up,” DeJuliis said. “It includes impacting the professional player as well as the aspiring young athlete. We want to provide programming that will not only help them professionally, but also personally.”

Some sad news today as SB Nation’s Brian Towle of Corn Nation (Nebraska’s site) passed away. If you’d like to help support his family through these tough times, there is a GoFundMe page for donations.