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Black Shoe Degenerates Is Reeling

That’s a nice new tradition Iowa has going for them.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Iowa Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Whoo boy! A 2-0 week led to a bit of overconfidence on my part, so of course that was followed by a 1-3 week. West Virginia, via that backdoor cover, became the only team on my docket to actually cover, in turn bringing my overall record back to earth a bit.

Most of the users saw through my overconfidence*, however, and picked against me in the two games that seemed like the biggest stretches of the four. No one can fault Maryland for losing yet another quarterback, once again down to their 4th string (has Maryland played a full Big Ten season with their starter at QB?), who had no answer for UCF’s aggressiveness.

And Vanderbilt, oh Vanderbilt. I thought your defense was better than that... Freaking Fresno State allowed less points, on the road! Well, that’s what I get for wanting Bama.

Richness Factor

  1. mbailey71: 2965.68
  2. afields16: 2474.78
  3. LarzLion: 2172.60
  4. psuwxman: 1990.80
  5. Dom Flaim: 1906.68

This is what a bad week can do. The top two are still substantially ahead, but the gap after that is closing quickly, as one key pick can propel, or torpedo, any one on any given day.

The Picks

Iowa +3.5 at Michigan State - Here are a few caveats to this pick:

1) Yes, I’m overreacting to Iowa’s performance against Penn State. Kinnick at night is no joke, and they game planned for these Lions almost to perfection.

2) Yes, the game against Notre Dame looked worse than it was. Not many teams will win games when they’re handing free points away to the opposition.

That said, I still don’t see how this Michigan State team can keep up with Iowa if they play the way they did last Saturday. Besides, it’s not like the Hawkeyes have been stinking up the joint and had a sudden moment of clarity against Penn State. They looked decent to good for three weeks, and amazing last Saturday. $100

Illinois +5.5 vs Nebraska - Nebraska did not look that great against Rutgers, needing a fourth quarter comeback to beat the Scarlet Knights. Before that, they lost straight up to Northern Illinois. Before that, the let Oregon score 42 in a half. Illinois is not necessarily a world beater, but man they’ve at least looked like they know how to play football. If it weren’t because It’s still Illinois, I’d pick them straight up. Oh, and by the way, Tanner Lee has thrown multiple interceptions in the past three games, with a pick-six in the past two games. $100

Washington State/USC OVER 65 - This is going to be a good Pac12 After Dark game. USC has been struggling as of late, and Washington State has been doing pretty well after having their own scare against Boise State. I expect points, and I expect plenty of them. This will be a great way to start the weekend. $50


Last Week: 1-3
Season: 8-5
Richness Factor: 699.95