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Penn State’s Uniforms Will Look Different Against Indiana, So Please Don’t Freak Out

What’s old is new again.

A new twist on an old favorite.
Photo Courtesy of Penn State Athletics

As most of you are already aware, Penn State is planning a “Generations of Greatness” theme for Saturday’s home game against Indiana in a celebration of the program’s storied history. This means that, yes, the uniforms will be different than those iconic yet simple blue and white getups the team has been sporting for decades.

These are not alternate uniforms, which you see every Saturday from different programs that leave you wondering if you are tuned in to the correct station. These are not pure throwbacks, either. Rather, the team will be sporting uniforms that combine different elements that have been used on Penn State’s uniforms over the years at one time or another.

To prepare yourself for the shock to your eyes on Saturday afternoon, here is what to expect (per the Penn State Athletic Department)

Uniform Elements

  • Numbers on Helmets – The Nittany Lions had the number on the side of their helmet from 1959-61 and then again from 1967-74. A No. 42 also appeared on the side of every Penn State helmet in the season finale against Wisconsin in 2012 to honor injured senior Michael Mauti.
  • Block Uniform Numbers – The block uniform numbers are similar to those uniform numbers that donned the Blue & White from mid-1950s-66.
  • White Stripe on Sleeve – Penn State’s uniform had a white stripe on the sleeve several times, including 1957-66, 1982-89 and 1992-2011.
  • Stripe on the Pants – The Nittany Lions had a blue stripe on their pants from 1952-68.
  • Striped Socks – The striped sock pays tribute to those worn on game days from 1970-72.
  • Gray Facemask – The gray facemask was donned by the Nittany Lions from 1959-86.
  • White Cleats – The white cleats were worn by the Nittany Lions in the 1979 Sugar Bowl.
  • Gloves – The gloves for the Indiana game will feature the Lion Shrine on the palm of the hands.
  • Lion Shrine – The image of Lion Shrine appears on the “home plate” of the front of the jersey. It is an original element of the “Generations of Greatness” uniform to pay homage to the Lion Shrine that was a gift from the Class of 1940.

Back Inside Collar – The back inside collar of the jersey reads “Penn State 1959” in recognition of the first Liberty Bowl game, played in Philadelphia. Penn State defeated Alabama, 7-0.

There will also be a few “throwback” elements to the gameday experience, that should bring back plenty of memories for many of those in attendance at Beaver Stadium:

Game Day Elements

  • Videoboard – The Beaver Stadium scoreboards in the North and South end zone will have a display with a vintage look and feel.
  • Music – The in-game music will be a variety of hits from the 1950s to today.
  • Cheer and Dance Teams – The Penn State cheerleaders and Lionettes will wear historic outfits dating back to the 1950s.
  • Honorary Captain – The honorary captain is former Nittany Lion All-America linebacker Jack Ham. He also will be recognized as a 1988 inductee of the Pro Football Hall of Fame after helping the Pittsburgh Steelers win four Super Bowls.
  • Blue Band – The Blue Band will perform music throughout the game from 1950s to today.
  • Game Program – The cover of the Beaver Stadium Pictorial will have a look similar to programs from the 1950s.

End Zones – Both end zones will be painted with blue and white diamonds dating to the 1960s.

Not crazy about the new look? Don’t worry- Penn State will return to its classic blue and white uniforms for the remainder of the season following Saturday’s contest against the Hoosiers.