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As Penn State prepares to square off with its #MostHatedRival, our staff makes some predictions

Penn State v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Ah, Punt Week. The best, and worst, week of the college football season. Our staff gives you their predictions for Penn State’s game against Indiana.


Saquon Barkley finally justifies putting him back to return kicks as he breaks one for a touchdown and Penn State never looks back.

Chris L

A week after setting the single game all-purpose yardage record, Barkley doesn't crack 100 all-purpose yards.

(NOTE: Chris has since been thrown in the BSD pit of misery, DILLY DILLY!)


Christian Campbell gets a pick-six, Saquon returns a kick for a touchdown. (Hey, that’s my thing!)


Penn State records at least five sacks and rushes for over 200 yards as a team.


Barkley finds the end zone four times.


Barkley breaks the single-game rushing record. (327 yards by LJ in 2002 against, you guessed it, Indiana).


Trace McSorley accounts for four touchdowns, Shareef Miller picks up 2.5 sacks and Tyler Davis nails a 51-yard field goal.


Penn State beats Indiana, notching its first ever win rocking white cleats, and breaking the curse of ‘79 Sugar Bowl. (Tim originally wrote PSU “bears” Indiana and now I’m imagining PSU releasing a bear and just mauling poor Richard Lagow).