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Postgame Link Roundup: Penn State 52, Akron 0

NCAA Football: Akron at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Now that PSU is a universally-lauded, preseason top-ten team (obligatory reference to the fact that preseason polls are absolutely the. worst.), there’s no shortage of national and more local writers offering coverage of this weekend’s season opening blowout of Akron - even though they’re not getting as much wall-to-wall coverage as other teams, since taking care of business in a resounding fashion isn’t as exciting as an upset or unexpectedly close win.

CSN Philly has a recap, with some pretty generous quotes from Akron head coach (and no longer orange-headed) Terry Bowden. That’s just in time for the start of Saquon Barkley’s hyped Heisman campaign.

Over at Penn Live, Bob Flounders pulled together the five players who thrived in the beatdown (and his disclaimer is absolutely necessary, as people will still ask where Barkley and Trace McSorley are on the list). But it’s ok that they’re excluded - because both are the focal point of the AP wire story.

State’s Ben Jones tackles a question on many fans’ minds after Saturday - just when is the right time to pull your starters in a one-sided game?

The Collegian highlights Koa Farmer and Jarvis Miller, both now linebackers who contribute significantly on Saturday after starting their Happy Valley careers in the defensive backfield. Centre Daily Times, on the other hand, locked in on corner Amani Oruwariye as one of the standouts of the game.

Lions247’s excellend Andrew Callahan looks over the tape of the offense in the scorefest.

The Morning Call discusses Barkley’s lack of touches in the first series - and as most of us thought, it was because Akron lined up to stop the Heisman contender. And when you do that? PSU’ll beat you through the air, or on the legs of McSorley.

York Daily Record’s Frank Bodani highlights DeAndre Thompkins (yeah, I chose wrong on which returner would score first - and I’m ok with it) and the defensive depth this season.

Don’t have enough time to wade through comment sections on sites other than Black Shoe Diaries? PennLive pulled together post-game reactions from their own comments section. Not sure if any will live up to this account, though.

Altoona Mirror’s Cory Giger, after being impressed with the Nittany Lions’ strong start, is already looking ahead to Pitt, Pitt, Pitt, Pitt, Pitt - a game in which they’re already a three-score favorite.

...And from us here at BSD:

Eli has our initial game response.

Jared had three takeaways from the season-opener.

Tim graded all of the positions on the field yesterday.

Chris T looked at the game a day later.