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MMQB: What’s Your Big Ten Overreaction

The Big Ten had a good showing this weekend. What’s your biggest early takeaway?

NCAA Football: Maryland at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten went 10-2 in the non-conference this weekend, with both losses coming against top 15 opponents. A conference game was also played between Ohio State and Indiana.

Of the losses, Rutgers kept it close with Washington until the Huskies opened up the scoring in the second half. Purdue, the other losing team, had a chance to win the game late (or send it to overtime at worst), before giving up a backbreaking interception.

On the wins side, Maryland upset a ranked Texas team on the road, Iowa looked dominant against Wyoming, which was a trendy upset pick leading up to the game. Michigan State looked like its pre-2016 self against Bowling Green, and Nebraska nearly gave the game away to Arkansas State.

Given all the weekend’s action, what’s your biggest overreaction? Will Penn State run the table after banking Akron 52-0? Will Michigan’s defense skip a beat? Let us know in the comments.