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Nittanyville Calling For Whiteout Against Pitt

The tent city outside of Beaver Stadium is urging the rest of the student body to wear white.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Michigan game is scheduled to be Penn State’s official Whiteout Game for the 2017 season, that isn’t stopping the students over at Nittanyville from calling for a student-wide Whiteout for this Saturday’s matchup against Pitt.

An impromptu Whiteout isn’t all that new of a concept, with similar processes happening for the Northwestern game in 2012 and for last year’s Iowa game.

While there’s a portion of the Penn State fan base that will argue the validity of the rivalry with Pitt, I don’t think this Saturday’s game can be mistaken for anything less than the biggest non-conference home game since Alabama in 2011. Granted, that might say more about the lack of legitimate opponents Penn State has faced, but the feeling of a big football week in early September hasn’t been around Happy Valley in quite some time. The Pitt game — in my opinion — is worthy of a Whiteout.