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Black Shoe Degenerates: Big Ten Edition

Week two presents another slew of appealing matchups to choose from.

NCAA Football: Wyoming at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Not a bad opening week for the us here degenerates, as some took big gambles that paid off, others took smaller gambles that didn’t, and I went 3-1 ATS last week. Thanks Indiana! This week if full of appealing games. I had about 10 games I really wanted to cover, but chose the three I think are locks for the week.

Richness Factor

  1. GSAPS (1909)
  2. hbeach08 (1909)
  3. afields16 (1454.50)
  4. Lion Born n' Bred (1318.15)
  5. jaytay13 (1227.25)

Both GSAPS and hbeach risked everything in week one, and were both rewarded with big payouts for their efforts. That should be a large enough cushion to last through the season, but we’ll see. With that out of the way, onto the games! Rules reminder for everyone:

My rules are:

  1. I have to bet on every game I cover.
  2. I have to bet at least $25 on each game.

Your rules are:

  1. Pick on any game I cover (or all, but it’s not required).
  2. Pick only from the games I cover.
  3. Pick at least once every week. Any player that fails to pick on any given week automatically loses $100.
  4. Still have to put at least $25 down on each game you pick.
  5. Pick with or against me. If you don’t agree with what I’m about to pick below, feel free to pick the opposite. Moneyline bets are welcome too.
  6. This one should be obvious, but you can’t pick a game that’s already in progress.

In the event that someone reaches a zero balance, they’ll go into the negative numbers.

If I missed anyone, let me know and I’ll add you in.

The Picks

Indiana -3 at Virginia (-110) - Bronco Mendenhall may end up turning Virginia around, but one year is not enough time to finish that process. Indiana is already well into their 10-year plan, and they put a scare on Ohio State (Virginia beat William & Mary 28-10). Game itself will probably be close, but I think Indiana can win by a touchdown. $50

Iowa -2.5 at Iowa State (-110)* - Rivalry games are weird. This is especially true when Iowa and Iowa State play. Many Hawkeye teams have lost to a much inferior Cyclones team, and sometimes the opposite has happened (but given that Iowa is usually the better team, they’re usually on the embarrassing end of the losses). Like Mendenhall and Virginia, Matt Campbell could very well end up turning Iowa State around. And like Indiana and Virginia, this came could be close. Two and a half points, however, are too good to pass up. $50

Penn State -21 vs Pitt (-110) - This game has been circled on the calendar for quite a while on both sides. Penn State, though, has something to prove. James Franklin holds a grudge, and don’t for one second think he’s not waiting rather impatiently to put a beatdown on Pitt. Word on the street is that Pitt held their offense back last week to not tip their hand. Did they hold the defense back too? Because Youngstown State came all the way back from 21 down to send the game to overtime. $500


Last Week: 3-1
Season: 3-1
Richness Factor™: $1040.90

*If you want to buy the half-point on Iowa, the odds will be -120