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MMQB: What was your Favorite Saquon Barkley Highlight?

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How do you pick just one?

Indiana v Penn State Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Penn State’s backfield will look quite different sans Saquon Barkley in 2018, as he prepares to head to the NFL following his junior season. While Barkley’s talents will be missed, he gave us an incredible amount of memories to fill up the highlight reel during the past three years. It won’t be long until he’s making jaw-dropping plays on Sundays, but for now, let’s look back with this question:

What was your absolute favorite Saquon Barkley highlight during his time at Penn State?

Let’s take a look a small sample of #26’s many, many highlights during his time at Penn State, in no particular order.

There was this wheel route that helped Penn State secure a Big Ten Championship:

How about this jaw-dropping touchdown against San Diego State where Barkley looked like he entered a video game?:

How about when he followed up his record-breaking performance at Iowa by returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown against Indiana the following week?

Or this amazing one-handed catch and run later that afternoon?

How about when he had perhaps the greatest run in the storied history of the Rose Bowl?

Speaking of bowl games, how about the time he ran 92-yards untouched against the nation’s top rush defense?

Or the one time he found that invisible trampoline that happened to be on the four-yard line?

Or this very nice 69-yard score against Michigan?

Or the infamous hurdle against Iowa where he was hit in mid-air, yet still landed on his feet and continued running for a first down?

Barkley made so many incredible plays look routine that you may have forgotten about this brilliant touchdown run against Iowa in 2016:

How about this walk-off overtime touchdown run against Minnesota that helped launch Penn State’s Big Ten Championship run?

How about that time he just flat out ran past three dudes with an angle on him during this 85-yard touchdown reception against Georgia State?

Heck, even his work in the weight room was enough to go viral:

Take a look at this play and tell me how many running backs are capable of getting the first down? Just one, and his name is Saquon Barkley:

I think you get the point. There may have never been another Nittany Lion as entertaining as #26, who routinely pulled off miraculous plays each Saturday for the past three seasons.

So what say you, BSD reader? What was your favorite Saquon Barkley highlight during his career at Penn State?