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Ranking the B1G: Nonconference Play is in the Books

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Only one team lost a game last week.

NCAA Basketball: Savannah State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Since beating Seton Hall two weeks ago, Rutgers has lost every game. Sure, it’s only two games, but it’s back-to-back losses against low majors. Meanwhile, Michigan State has continued its death machine run and Purdue is looking like the clear number two. The rankings remained largely the same to reflect the week.

1) Michigan State Spartans (Last Week: 1)

Previously: W vs Cleveland State 111-61, W vs Savannah State 108-52

Two cupcakes, two easy wins. Nothing to see here.

Up Next: vs Maryland (Thu), at Ohio State (Sun)

2) Purdue Boilermakers (LW: 2)

Previously: W vs Lipscomb 98-66

See above.

Up Next: vs Rutgers (Wed), vs Nebraska (Sat)

3) Ohio State Buckeyes (LW: 3)

Previously: W vs Miami, OH 72-59

See above, part 2.

Up Next: at Iowa (Thu), vs No. 1 Michigan State (Sun)

4) Michigan Wolverines (LW: 4)

Previously: W vs Jacksonville 76-51

Very light week for most teams.

Up Next: at Iowa (Tue), vs Illinois (Sat)

5) Maryland Terrapins (LW: 5)

Previously: W vs UMBC 66-45

Maryland will miss both Justin Jackson and Ivan Bender the rest of the season. This could have great implications for the Terps.

Up Next: vs Penn State (Tue), at No. 1 Michigan State (Thu)

6) Minnesota Golden Gophers (LW: 6)

Previously: W vs Harvard 65-55

Jordan Murphy is a double-double machine, and Minnesota took its time putting Harvard away. Par for the course.

Up Next: vs Illinois (Wed), vs Indiana (Sat)

7) Illinois Fighting Illini (LW: 7)

Previously: W vs Grand Canyon 62-58

Yet another entry to the “we don’t know who Illinois is” logbook. The team that beat a pretty good Missouri squad followed it up by nearly dropping a game to Grand Canyon.

Up Next: at Minnesota (Wed), at Michigan (Sat)

8) Nebraska Cornhuskers (LW: 8)

Previously: W vs Stetson 71-62

Game was close throughout, Nebraska pulled away late. Moving on.

Up Next: at Northwestern (Tue), at No. 13 Purdue (Sat)

9) Northwestern Wildcats (LW: 9)

Previously: W vs Brown 95-73

Brown was actually beating Northwestern with about 11 minutes left in the game. The Wildcats went on a tear late to make the score look wider than the game.

Up Next: vs Nebraska (Tue), at Penn State (Fri)

10) Penn State Nittany Lions (LW: 10)

Previously: W vs Coppin State 88-43

They opened up a 20-point lead faster than West Virginia did, if you were wondering.

Up Next: vs Coppin State (Sat)

11) Iowa Hawkeyes (LW: 11)

Previously: W vs Northern Illinois 98-75

Iowa has now won five in a row, and it looks like they’re done sucking, at least for now.

Up Next: vs Michigan (Tue), vs Ohio State (Thu)

12) Wisconsin Badgers (LW: 12)

Previously: W vs Chicago State 82-70, vs UMass Lowell 82-53

Chicago State had played three Big Ten teams prior to playing Wisconsin. The closest loss was a 33-point defeat at Iowa.

Up Next: vs Indiana (Tue), at Rutgers (Fri)

13) Indiana Hoosiers (LW: 14)

Previously: W vs Youngstown State 79-51

They didn’t lose to a mid major. Progress!

Up Next: at Wisconsin (Tue), at Minnesota (Sat)

14) Rutgers Scarlet Knights (LW: 12)

Previously: L vs Hartford 60-58

As stated in the lede, Rutgers has now lost both the games they’ve played since beating Seton Hall. If they made a deal with the devil to win that game, it looks like Satan wanted to collect right away.

Up Next: at No. 13 Purdue (Wed), vs Wisconsin (Fri)

Ranking criteria:

  1. Recent performance
  2. Overall body of work
  3. Season expectations