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Wrestling Postview: #1 Penn State Destroys Another Big Ten Foe

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After mauling Big Ten doormat Michigan State on Sunday, Penn State returned to the comfy confines of Recreation Hall to face a much tougher, fightier Purdue and, well, the result was pretty much the same.

Nittany Lions celebrate 2016 National Championship
JP Pearson

Home, sweet home.

Man, I should’ve written this Postview this afternoon, after I read Eleven Warriors and Go Iowa Awesome exchange dispatches from Blogfrica. It coulda been fun.

Instead, all you get at this hour is grumpy old man grind.


125 Luke Welch Win by Forfeit; Purdue 6-0

What Clay Said Would Happen:

No Carson Kuhn into the lineup yet for Penn State and as Cari said last week, Schnupp is still really tiny for the weight class which could make this one problematic as Welch could well be one of the bigger 125s he faces and the senior has a wealth of experience. This one could get off to a rough start for Penn State.

Prediction: Welch by Fall

What Did Actually Happen:

Penn State Wrestling Gatekeeper Pat Donghia tweeted:

Claystradamus: 1-0 in Result, 1-0 in Victory Margin / Team Points Flava

133 Corey Keener Decision Matt Thornton 3-2; Purdue, 6-3

What Clay Said Would Happen:

The wild ride that is the Corey Keener experience went through more peaks and valleys last weekend with one win by major decision and one loss just the same. Thornton will provide some stiff competition and could well be an NCAA qualifier, so this will be a decent chance to see where Keener’s at against a guy many will think he should beat.

Prediction: Keener by decision

What Did Actually Happen:

Two restarts and no points in p1. Escape Thornton p2. Escape Keener p3, 1-1 headed into the 3rd. Where Keener earned a stall warning that apparently prompted him to shoot. And waddya know? The offensive attack, via a neutral shot, it ... resulted in a score and the victory woo!

Claystradamus: 2-0 Results; 2-0 Victory Margin.

141 Nick Lee Major Decision Nate Limmex 14-4; PSU 7-6

What Clay Said Would Happen:

Limmex has been ballin’ lately and would definitely be in my non-existent top 20. Seven straight victories including wins over Nebraska’s Chad Red, Wisconsin’s Cole Martin and Michigan’s Mafia Man, Salvatore Profaci. Unfortunately for Limmex, he’s going to run into the one-man wrecking crew that is Nick Lee and his absolutely absurd pace. Limmex is good one, Lee is a great one.

Prediction: Lee by Major Decision

What Did Actually Happen:

p1: Lee takedown and potentially dangerous (note; it was a sign of things to come from Nameless Referee Who Will Get No More Namespace From Me. I tweeted my annoyance, so I’m trying to grow up, an hour later). Add another Lee TD, 4-1 headed into p2, where Lee chose down.

p2: Reversal, Lee; stall warn Limmex; Takedown Lee. 8-2, Lee, plus 1:15 in riding time.

p3: E1, Limmex; stall warn Lee (!); T2, Lee; E1 Limmex; T2, Lee.

Claystradamus: 3-0; 3-0.

149 Zain Retherford WBF Austin Nash (1:41); PSU 13-6

What Clay Said Would Happen:

Lol these poor children

Prediction: Zain by Fall

What Did Actually Happen:

Bruh, this child perished, except he wasn’t a real child, but a grown ass college man, so the LOL is not at all inappropriate.

Takery from the BSD WrestleSquad:

Claystradamus: 4-0, in both Result & Victory Margin.

157 Jason Nolf WBF Cole Wysocki (3:45); PSU 19-3

What Clay Said Would Happen:

Parriott is a fantastic get for the Boilermakers and in my books is going to be a future All-American. Unfortunately for the freshman, he’s facing Jason Nolf who is currently the best wrestler in the country at 157 and it ain’t particularly close. Parriott won’t be afraid to get in there and mix it up, but it likely won’t end well for him

Prediction: Nolf by Fall

What Did Actually Happen:

No word yet on whether Clay’s “books” are on the same shelf as his non-existent Top-20, but Nolf scored a takedown and four nearfall in the first, including a painful-looking something something Nolf did with his foot against Wysocki’s thigh, but with Wysocki’s...ahem...manhood lodged between them.

In the second period, Nolf cut him, scored a takedown and pinned him.

Even though this wasn’t actually Griffin Parriott, Claystradamus’ streak marched on: 5-0 & 5-0. Pretty nice first half of the dual.

165 Vincenzo Joseph Technical Fall Jacob Morrissey 19-3 (5:00); PSU 24-6

What Clay Said Would Happen:

Morrissey (your music stinks and you’re a bad person) is a solid, well-seasoned wrestler who has given guys trouble in the past, but Cenzo is wrestling as well as anybody in the country of late. Especially in front of the home crowd, I’d expect the defending national champ to put on a show, but the Purdue senior will limit the damage.

Prediction: Cenzo by Major Decision

What Did Actually Happen:

Cenzo scored three takedowns and two nearfall points for an 8-2 lead heading into the second, where he chose down. He then proceeded to score an escape, two takedowns, four nearfall and a riding time point for the final tally.

Dammit, Clay! How could you get this so wrong? ClaystraNotGonnaBePerfect: 6-0 in Results and a very blemished 5-1 in Victory Margin.

174 Mark Hall Major Decision Dylan Lydy 11-3; PSU 28-6

What Clay Said Would Happen:

It’s hard to complain about going into Ann Arbor and coming away with a victory over a top-five ranked opponent, but I didn’t love the way Hall wrestled against Myles Amine. He’ll get another shot at a ranked guy when he takes on Lydy and I’d expect he opens it up a little more on his feet and is more successful working from top.

Prediction: Hall by Major Decision

What Did Actually Happen:

Mark Hall opened it up a little more on his feet and was successful working from top.

You know, just like Clay said: 7-0 & 6-1.

Having settled down from the live action, I realize, in exhausted, so not-at-all-deep retrospection, that it’s time I adjust what I look for from Mark Hall offensively. Stop being spoiled by other funtastic (sorry, Byers, I just can’t) fantastic steezos in this lineup. I mean, we’re all fundamentally accustomed to the unique styles and similar dominance of Zain & Nolf, right? Why would I look for Bo Nickal stuff from Mark Hall?

Who knows, but it’s put to bed from here on out. Even if you call his style counter-wrestling, it’s still gorgeous.

184 Bo Nickal WBF Max Lyon (1:55); PSU 34-6

What Clay Said Would Happen:

When Bo takes the mat against wrestlers that are clearly not on his level, he often reminds them of that fact very quickly and very painfully. I wouldn’t expect that to be much different here against a freshman in Lyon.

Prediction: Nickal by Fall

What Did Actually Happen:

Bo reminded this Freshman from Iowa of the fact that he was not on Bo’s level, and he did so quickly and kinda painfully.

Claystradamus: 8-0 & 7-1.

197 Shakur Rasheed WBF Kobe Woods (1:42); PSU 40-6

What Clay Said Would Happen:

I’m expecting Shakur Rasheed to get the call here for his first Rec Hall dual of the season, he’s earned that right and in my opinion he should probably be the starter the rest of the way barring something unforeseen happening. For Purdue, it’ll be Christian Brunner who is probably hovering just outside the top 20 at this weight class. As Shakur has shown this season, however, it doesn’t matter who you are, you’re getting cradled.

Prediction: Rasheed by Fall

What Did Actually Happen:

Shakur Rasheed got the call here, for his first Rec Hall dual of the season. He’s earned that right, you see. And as Shakur has shown this season, it didn’t matter that his opponent wasn’t Christian Brunner, because, Woods also got cradled.

This is about where the ref appeared to get bored and tried a few LOOK AT ME calls, including awarding a penalty point to Woods for an illegal hold. He was particularly annoying after the pin, when he strolled to the scoring table, and casually leaned against it with both butt cheeks and barely answered Coach Casey’s inquiry as to what the hold was for.

Nonetheless, Rasheed has another cradle pin notch in his belt and so does Clay: 9-0 and 8-1.

285 Nick Nevills Decision Shawn Streck; Penn State 43-6

What Clay Said Would Happen:

No, the sky is not falling and yes, Nick Nevills will be fine. After a sub-par performance at the Southern Scuffle, Nevills got pushed around a bit by Adam Coon in the Michigan dual. Guess what, Adam Coon does that to a lot of people. Nevills got back on his horse and picked up a pin in the Sparty dual and looked in good shape in the process. He’ll get another shot at a ranked wrestler when he takes on Streck and I think he asserts his dominance a bit against the freshman.

Prediction: Nevills by Major Decision

What Did Actually Happen:

(drunken Nick Nolte singing voice) Dancing Beaaaaaaaars, Dancing Bears...

Welcome back (hopefully) Nick Nevills, who took a few and scored on one offensive shot in neutral. Bored Look At Me Ref managed to insert a stall warning on Nevills in neutral and another on him while he was on top, earning Streck a stalling point. This prompted Cael to invite Look At Me Ref to the scorers table for a visit, which the ref barely acknowledged and quickly ignored, resulting in an extremely pissed-off-looking Cael for the rest of the bout.

Angry calm people are often the scariest and if you’ve watched enough Cael interviews, man did he struggle to subvert his disgust in the post-match BTN interview. I mean, that was what I saw. Seething Cael looks pretty dang normal compared to most people, but he looked pissed to me. I’ll be curious to see what you guys thought.

The Takery

Penn State looked like themselves and finished with a 27-0 takedown ratio. Keener won a close one, a bout the team will absolutely need him to win in March. Nick Lee settled into the starting role a little bit more. Rasheed put more pressure on Cassar, who I’d guess we’ll see on Sunday vs the turtles, and Nevills stayed composed and put up an important recovery W. And in the middle, all the studs did studly-ass things. It was an almost perfectly complete performance.

Another big thanks to BSD WrestleSquad’s bubba0077 for scoring the dual in the live thread. It’s super helpful and awesome to have those threaded scores on record for future searches.

But the real story of the dual was Claystradamus’ insane prediction accuracy (not the college men who spill their blood, sweat & tears). Not only did he correctly predict the Results of all ten bouts, but he even nailed eight of the ten on the Victory Margin! Such soothsaying resulted in him crushing the final team score prediction exactly at 43-6. Well done, sir. Cari’s got some catching up to do when she returns.

With apologies to Kerry McCoy and Maryland on Sunday, let’s get those Buckeyes!