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Penn State 25, Rutgers 15. Blah.

Jason Nolf is injured and everything is awful.

2017 NCAA Div I Wrestling Championships Session Six Photo by Hunter Martin/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Penn State went to Piscataway for a wrestling match on Sunday.

Not sure what Rutgers was there for. They certainly weren’t there to wrestle, if that performance is any indication.

Referee Nate Champman sleepwalked through the entire thing leading to a number of questionable and dangerous situations.

Nick Suriano mauled Devin Schnupp on the way to the pin that everybody predicted.

At 133 pounds, Corey Keener again struggled to get out from bottom and lost 4-2 to Scott Delvecchio.

Up at 141, Nick Lee continued to impress despite Michael Van Brill plodding his way around the mat in reverse and Chapman allowing him to do it. Lee eventually claimed a 5-2 victory.

At 149, Eleazar DeLuca decided that not only would he back up the way Van Brill did, he would try to throw open hand slaps while doing so. Three times he was punished for it by Chapman, but it could’ve been six. His tactics ultimately paid off as Retherford was only able to capture a 14-2 major decision.

Champman capped his impressively embarrassing performance at 157. With Jason Nolf lead mid-way through the second period, Nolf and Rutgers’ John Van Brill went ankle to ankle. Instead of calling the stalemate and protecting both wrestlers, y’know, doing his job, he decided to let them work through the position until Nolf had a noticeable pop in his knee. This resulted in Nolf defaulting, JVB getting the six points and who knows what else as we try to figure out what it means for the nation’s most exciting wrestler.


After the intermission Vincenzo Joseph took on junior world champ Richie Lewis. Lewis was actually pretty game but Cenzo led 6-4 late in the match and looked to be coasting home before an improbably bad call for grasping that headgear THAT HAD ALREADY FALLEN OFF. Eventually, Cenzo claimed a closer-than-necessary 6-5 win.

Chapman finally got out of his own way at 174 and Mark Hall, unsurprisingly, steamrolled Joe Grello on the way to a 24-9 tech fall.

At 184, Bo Nickal yet again looked lackluster and brought home a 6-5 win despite a baffling takedown given to Gravina who sat the corner but still had his ankle in Nickal’s control.

The dual closed with two dominant performances by Anthony Cassar and Nick Nevills. Cassar rolled past Anthony Messner to grab a 16-5 major decision and Nevills easily best Ralph Normandia for a 21-7 major decision.

In the end, Penn State comfortably dispatched of both Rutgers and Chapman, but who knows what the cost will be of each’s incompetence.

P.S. There will be a special episode of the MatCast out this evening or Monday morning discussing today’s events.