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MMQB: Will Pat Chambers Still be Coaching at Penn State in 2018-2019?

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Will Chambers be back with a successful end to the season, or is it time fo the program to move on?

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Penn State William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get straight to the point this week, as there has already been plenty of discussion and scrutiny revolving around the Pat Chambers’ job as Penn State’s head basketball coach.

Will Pat Chambers return to coach Penn State in 2018-2019 (and beyond)?

Chambers is in his seventh season as head coach, with a record of 102-117 in State College. Previously, he posted a 42-28 record at Boston University, his sole head coaching gig prior to joining Penn State. He has led the Nittany Lions to one winning season thus far, going 18-16 in 2014-2015 when the team made third round of the Big Ten Tournament. There have been no NCAA or NIT appearances during the Chambers era.

This season seemed to provide an opportunity for the team to break through. Penn State easily has its most talented roster under Chambers in a season where the Big Ten is at its weakest in recent memory. But the results haven’t been quite what many were hoping for. Penn State stands at 15-8 with a 5-5 record in the Big Ten. However, things are looking up following a consecutive wins, including an enormous road upset against Ohio State on Thursday, which was the Buckeyes first conference loss of the season. They also have Josh Reaves back in the lineup after missing time with academic issues, which means this team could keep the momentum rolling and have a satisfying season, with a chance to fight their way into an NCAA Tournament appearance.

To do so, Penn State will need to take advantage of its upcoming opportunities to pick up quality wins, starting with a road contest against #6 Michigan State on Wednesday. They also close the regular season with match-ups against currently ranked opponents in three of its last four games (#13 Ohio State, at #3 Purdue and #25 Michigan).

Chambers is under contract through the 2018-2019 season, and returns much of its talent next season.

So what say you, BSD reader? Should Chambers return to Penn State if they are unable to find their way into the NCAA Tournament, or would that signal a time for the program to move on?