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BSD Prediction Roundtable: College Football National Championship

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Months of preparation and hundreds of games later, two teams take the field to determine a national champion

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After a long season, it has finally come down to this: No. 3 Georgia will take on No. 4 Alabama to determine who will reign supreme over the 2017-2018 college football season. The staff looks into their crystal ball to see how this game will go down.


It’s going to be an old school football fan’s favorite kind of game - one predicated on the running game and strong defense. Both Alabama and Georgia are very physical teams, but I think Bama’s defense will be able to slow down both Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and force Jake Fromm to beat them with his arm. Put simply: He can’t.

Alabama 27, Georgia 24.


Both Alabama and Georgia have a good enough defense to stop what their opponent is trying to do on the ground, and the game could come down to either Jalen Hurts or Jake Fromm making a big mistake under pressure. Hurts would appear to have the advantage since he’s done a such a good job taking care of the ball all year, but I like the Bulldogs a little more due to their more dynamic running game and impressive aerial assault in the Rose Bowl.

Georgia 27, Alabama 21


An SEC team will win and we’ll all be worse for it.

Georgia 31, Alabama 24

Chris Lucia

At different points throughout the season, I thought both Georgia and Alabama looked like the best team in college football. But midway through the year, it seemed like Alabama lost some steam. Sure, they were still beating teams, but the scores weren’t as dominant as one would expect. Some pundits began to compare the Crimson Tide to Wisconsin - a good team playing a super easy schedule. And lo and behold, the first really good team Bama played - Auburn - beat them handily.

I could sit here and opine about the college football playoff leaving out UCF, or expanding to eight teams, but I’ll just say that this year, it really felt to me that only two to three teams were actually good. Unfortunate that Penn State got in its own way, or I’m confident they’d have made the playoffs. In any case, I still think UGA is the more complete team this year, and Bama just doesn’t have the magic it once did.

Georgia 27, Alabama 17


Both of these teams do two things very well- run the ball, and prevent the opponent from moving the ball on the ground. Even if an All-SEC championship leaves a bad taste in your mouth, this should be a hard-hitting, slobberknocker of a football game that any true fan will appreciate.

Georgia has a “team of destiny” feel to them, as though they were meant to come out and claim an unexpected title well ahead of schedule in the Kirby Smart era. They also have the nation’s best defensive player in Roquan Smith, who is an abolute joy to watch, as well as a three-headed monster at running back that allows the offense to heat up as the game stretches on. Bama may not be as dominant as recent teams, but they have a roster filled to the brim with blue-chip players, and you better believe Nick Saban has had them on a mission after losing the championship in the final seconds a year ago. Perhaps its just the Bama mystique, but something tell me they pull out a hard-fought victory at the end.

Alabama-30, Georgia- 27

BSD Challenge

We have a neck-and-neck race with just one game to go, as Jared, Aaron, and your very own author are tied atop the leaderboard. Here’s how the rest of this week’s picks shake out:

If Jared is right, he’ll take the postseason crown all by himself. If Aaron and I are correct, we’ll have co-champions! Either way, we should be in for a bare-knuckle brawl between two heavyweights of college football. So what say you, dear reader, did the masthead get it right?