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Oh, Hello: Carson Kuhn Joins Penn State Wrestling Roster

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The saga at 125 just continues to get weirder for Cael Sanderson and Co.

2017 NCAA Div I Wrestling Championships Session Six Photo by Hunter Martin/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Well, hello there Mr. Kuhn.

After weeks of speculation, former Boise State wrestler Carson Kuhn confirmed on his Instagram account late Tuesday night that he would be joining the Penn State wrestling team.

Kuhn will compete for the starting spot at 125 pounds after the preseason departure of Nick Suriano and the early season struggles of Devin Schnupp.

The graduate senior has struggled to stay healthy during his career with the Broncos. After taking a two-year mission, Kuhn returned to Boise and has gone up 13-8 over three years.

The Broncos cancelled their program prior to this season, meaning Kuhn has no restrictions on where he may transfer and will be eligible immediately.

With the Nittany Lions in the heart of a spirited team race, if Kuhn could add even one point in March, it could be vital.

Penn State Athletics has yet to comment on the situation.