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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 5

So, so close

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ohio State

Welp. Penn State gave it their best shot, and just couldn’t put away the Buckeyes. After two early season tests, Ohio State is the clear #1 in the conference, and is in the driver’s seat the rest of the season.

2. Penn State

Despite the loss, Penn State is still the second best team in this conference. You don’t lose by one point (for the second straight year) to the top team and drop any spots. The Lions no longer control their own destiny, but can still make a lot of noise the rest of the year by winning out.

3. Michigan

I’ll be honest with you, after the top two, the rest of the conference looks extremely blah. Michigan needed a late rally to beat Northwestern on the road, but they did get the dub.

4. Wisconsin

Wisconsin was on their bye week, and so they remain stable.

5. Michigan State

Michigan State snuck by Central Michigan. Hoo boy.

6. Maryland

Also on a bye, the Terrapins hang out another week in the top half of the conference..

7. Iowa

Yet another bye, yet another team remaining static.

8. Purdue

The Boilermakers straightened out a bit, claiming a 14-point win over Nebraska, moving them up a spot.

9. Indiana

Giving up 10 fourth quarter points doesn’t look great for the Hoosiers, who beat bottom-dweller Rutgers by a touchdown.

10. Minnesota

Would you believe another bye week? Me either!

11. Northwestern

The Wildcats gave Michigan a real test, but just couldn’t seal the deal - sound familiar?

12. Illinois

I didn’t realize there could be this many bye weeks in one week.

13. Rutgers

Rutgers showed some signs of life against a somewhat decent opponent in Indiana. Still a loss, but at least they’re not winless, unlike . . .

14. Nebraska

. . . Nebraska, the only team in the Big Ten not to record any wins so far this season. Looking ahead, the opportunities for Big Red to actually get a win are quickly dwindling. The Cornhuskers of the 90s must be furious and I love it. #petty