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Success With Hyperlinking: Land Grant Week

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After having the week off, Penn State returns to action with personal playoff implications still on the line.

Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

After sitting idle in a week where chaos started to rear its head, Penn State returns to action this weekend against Michigan State with a chance to have a fresh start and make a push for the College Football Playoffs.

For the Nittany Lions to make the College Football Playoffs for the first time in their history, they may need to become best friends with chaos. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a similar scenario play out just last season.

The Lions will receive a boost on defense with the return of a valuable member. Coach James Franklin also expects to have perhaps the team’s most electrifying receiver back against the Spartans. With inconsistency at the position outside the redshirt freshman’s prowess, Hamler’s return will be vital for Penn State’s offense to thrive.

Speaking of that offense, here’s what Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio had to say about it and its main catalyst.