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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 8

Well hey there Purdue!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

1. Michigan

With Ohio State’s loss, Michigan has claimed the top spot from the Buckeyes, who had kept the pole position since the preseason.

2. Ohio State

I’ve been saying for some time now that OSU has not looked all that great, and someone finally proved me right. I didn’t expect it to be the Boilermakers, but still! The last undefeated team in the conference has been toppled.

3. Iowa

The Hawkeyes put together a workaday performance against Maryland, shutting the Terrapins out. The clash with Penn State this weekend could have some sizable impacts on these rankings.

4. Purdue

BOILER UP! The Fightin’ Jeff Brohms took it hard to Ohio State, defeating the mighty Buckeyes. Those of you calling me crazy for putting Purdue ahead of Penn State last week can all line up for a big hearty helping of crow.

5. Penn State

It’s not that I think Penn State is really all that much better than Michigan State, but more that I think the Spartans were pretty lucky to beat the Lions. Penn State got back in the win column, and will take on a tough challenge against Iowa this weekend.

6. Michigan State

It feels to me like the Spartans used up whatever karma they had in beating Penn State, and got bitten back against the Wolverines. Without Felton Davis, it’s tough to see MSU moving the ball through the air the rest of the season.

7. Wisconsin

A solid win over Illinois, no more, no less.

8. Northwestern

Penn State fans complained that eking out a 5-point win over Indiana was bad - how about a 3-point win over Rutgers? That’s about as bad a win as anyone can have this season.

9. Indiana

Ah yes, the ol’ “lose the game but move up in the power rankings” switcheroo. Indiana played tough against Penn State, but couldn’t quite get over the hump. Still, the Hoosiers appear to be on fairly solid footing at the moment.

10. Maryland

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - who are the Terrapins? A week after beating Rutgers by 27, the Terps get shut out by Iowa 23-0. Just pick an identity, would ya?

10. Minnesota

Minnesota not only gave Nebraska their first win of the season, they almost let the Cornhuskers double them up. Not a great look.

12. Illinois

Is it bad when a 29-point loss is considered a not-bad day? That’s bad, isn’t it.

13. Nebraska

They won one! No shutout here! A game against /peers at schedule/ Bethune-Cookman should give the Cornhuskers a winning streak. Should.

14. Rutgers

Oh man, the Knights came thisclose to beating Northwestern! Unfortunately, that appears to have been the last really winnable game left on the schedule. After the bye week, Rutgers gets Wisconsin, Michigan, Penn State, and Michigan State. Yeesh.