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Depth Chart Week Eight: Iowa

Who will be welcoming the Hawkeyes to Happy Valley?

Penn State v Indiana Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It should be known by this point that each week’s depth chart release largely reflects the actual depth chart of the previous game. That said, Garrett Taylor is likely going to be suspended for the first half against Iowa, pending an improbable reversal of a targeting call, and therefore will not be starting, presumably giving Jonathan Sutherland the role. Lamont Wade has moved to backing up Nick Scott on the other side. The other question this week was the lack of Ricky Slade in the game against Indiana, there have been no details as to the reason why, but he still occupies the number two slot behind Miles Sanders at running back and the last kickoff returner after KJ Hamler and Journey Brown. Let’s see if the team can recapture their mojo at home.