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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 9

Alas, poor Purdue, we hardly knew ye

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

1. Michigan

The Wolverines had their bye week, and so hold on to the top spot for another week.

2. Ohio State

Similarly, the Buckeyes were off, so the top two remain unchanged.

3. Penn State

Yes the final score was close, but I’ll be damned if someone tries to tell me Iowa outplayed Penn State. The Hawkeyes were fortunate their day didn’t end with a 14+ point blowout.

4. Iowa

That being said, I thought Iowa suffered from a bizarrely bad day by their quarterback. The Hawkeyes should still make noise in the Big Ten West, with a shot at the conference championship game still up for grabs.

5. Michigan State

The Spartans quelled the Boilermaker rebellion, which is another reason I can dislike them this year.

6. Purdue

Man I would have loved for Purdue to wreck Sparty. I still think the Boilermakers are an above average team in this conference, and will cause some consternation for their remaining opponents.

7. Northwestern

Super quietly, Northwestern has just one conference loss, despite sitting at 5-3, and probably staring down a loss to Notre Dame this weekend. It would be extremely Big Ten West to crown a champ that went winless in the non-conference.

8. Maryland

The Maryland yo-yo is on the upswing, and so they jump a couple spots. Tune in next week to see which way the yo-yo is going!

9. Wisconsin

Wow Wisconsin. I’m not saying Northwestern is bad, but they shouldn’t be 14 points better than you.

10. Minnesota

The Golden Gophers managed to take down Indiana, and that’s all I have to say about that.

11. Indiana

See above.

12. Illinois

Oy, Illinois, what are you doing? At this rate, Nebraska is going to pass you!

13. Nebraska

Back-to-back baby! Nebraska trucked Bethune-Cookman, getting them their second win of the season. Let’s see if they can make it three in a row, who’s next? Ohio State? HAHAHAHA

14. Rutgers

Hey! Rutgers didn’t lose! They were on their bye week. But they didn’t lose!