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Matt Millen Stepping Away from Announcing

Longtime CFB announcer and legendary Penn State defender, Matt Millen, is losing his battle to amyloidosis and must step away from active work.

Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Everybody knows Matt Millen is a fighter. He may now be starting to succumb in a fight for his life.

Millen is suffering from a rare disease that was diagnosed late because of its ability to mimic other diseases. Amyloidosis occurs when an abnormal protein produced in bone marrow builds up in organs. In Millen, the amyloid is attacking his heart.

The Big Ten Network aired an 11-minute segment last month that detailed Millen’s struggles and captured both his candidly transparent attitude and acknowledgement that he was in a fight for his life.

BSD wishes Matt and his family all the best as they navigate this difficult time.