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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 11

The Game is shaping up to be a de facto playoff game

Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

1. Michigan

What’s sad is Rutgers managed the same score against the Wolverines as Penn State.

2. Ohio State

I don’t like Ohio State, but man it felt good watching them smack Michigan State back down.

3. Northwestern

Ladies and gentlemen, your 4-loss Big Ten West champs!

4. Penn State

This year, perhaps more than most in recent history, feels like a giant case of the haves, and the have nots. Penn State - this year - is a have not, but they’re one of the better have nots out there. Just a weird year overall.

5. Michigan State

Get wrecked Sparty.

6. Purdue

Purdue has assumed the mantle of chaos from Indiana this year.

7. Iowa

Iowa didn’t have its destiny in its hands, but there was still an outside shot at the Big Ten West. And then they lose to Northwestern? I don’t get it.

8. Wisconsin

If the Badgers weren’t injured everywhere, they’d be a better team. Not preseason top four, but a better team.

9. Nebraska

Don’t tell me Nebraska is going to get to 5-7 and back into a bowl bid.

10. Indiana

I love that Indiana can regularly be relied on to mess with other team’s seasons.

11. Minnesota

So, in successive weeks, Minnesota lost by 24 to Illinois, then won by 31 over Purdue? Sure, why not.

12. Maryland

Nebraska and Maryland may both finish 5-7 and back into bowl eligibility, but it will feel like two completely different seasons.

13. Illinois

Similarly, Illinois can beat Minnesota by 24 one week, and then lose by 19 to Nebraska the next week.

14. Rutgers

Death, taxes, and Rutgers going winless in Big Ten play.