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4 College Football Games to Watch That Aren’t Penn State: Week 10

November kicks off with a bang, which is exactly how it should be in college football.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

(#6)Georgia at (#9)Kentucky
3:30 p.m., CBS

I’m breaking my own rule here and including a game that is in the same timeslot as Penn State. It starts 15 minutes prior to the Penn State-Michigan kickoff, so check out the start and check back during halftime/commercials. This is the biggest home game for Kentucky football in decades, and the winner will have the inside track to claim the SEC East crown. Their prize is a date with Alabama, so maybe be careful what you wish for. Either way, a division crown for the Wildcats would have to be among the biggest stories of the year in college football.
Prediction: Georgia-31, Kentucky-27

(#4)Notre Dame at Northwestern
7:15 p.m., ESPN

In a wild season of college football, no team’s journey has been more puzzling than Northwestern. In any given week, they can look like a solid NY6 team or among the bottom of the P5 cellar-dwellers. In its first eight games, Northwestern has managed to lose to Akron, get smacked by Duke, and eek out wins against hapless Rutgers and Nebraska. They also beat two ranked teams by a combined 24 points, and nearly upset Michigan before giving up a late lead. Notre Dame isn’t far behind- they’ve looked dominant against ranked opponents, yet barely got past Ball State, Pitt and Vanderbilt at home. This is a game where no result will be surprising.
Prediction: Northwestern-24, Notre Dame-23

(#1)Alabama at (#3)LSU
8 p.m., CBS

Will the Game of the Century of the Week live up to the hype? There’s no guarantee, as Alabama has been demolishing everything in its path and has been overall much more impressive than the Tigers- which isn’t an indictment on LSU, it’s just that Alabama is looking like an all-time team so far this season. LSU almost always manages to keep the score close, so maybe they make a few plays at the right time and pull out the win at home. If ‘Bama comes away with the win by a wide margin, then it will probably be smooth sailing towards a Heisman for Tua Tagovailoa and yet another national title for Nick Saban and the Tide.
Prediction: Alabama-30, LSU-23

(#7)Oklahoma at Texas Tech
8 p.m., ABC

ABC is basically conceding the timeslot to the LSU-’Bama game, even assigning its typical primetime crew to the 3:45 p.m. Penn State-Michigan game. But this could be a highly-entertaining game that, per usual, will feature plenty of offense. The Sooners are working their way back into the playoff picture, while the Red Raiders know how to play up to the level off its competition and pull off an upset. This game could still be going strong after the LSU-Alabama game, so keep an eye out for what could be an explosive finish.
Oklahoma-45, Texas Tech-37