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Trace McSorley Leads the Way in Beaver Stadium Finale: BSD MVP

#9 lead the way to victory for one last hurrah in Happy Valley.

Heather Weikel

It was the only appropriate output for Trace McSorley’s final game in Beaver Stadium- with an MVP performance in highlight-filled afternoon for the Nittany Lions. McSorley was clearly the healthiest he has been during the second half of the season, as #9 looked like his usual self to lead the offense to perhaps its best overall performance in conference play.

He started the game by connecting with KJ Hamler for a 34-yards gain, that would eventually set up a three-yard touchdown scamper. As Penn State held on to a 7-3 lead, McSorley would end the third possession with a decisive 20-yard touchdown run straight down the middle to put the Nittany Lions up 14-3 and keep them well ahead for the afternoon.

McSorley was also precise throughout the afternoon with his arm despite the dreadful conditions. Outside of a couple early misfires and drops, he continually picked apart the Terps defense, finishing 12-of-22 for 230 yards and a touchdown pass to Pat Freiermuth. Overall, McSorley finished just shy of 300 total yards and three touchdowns in his Beaver Stadium swan song.

Before he left the field for the very last time, McSorley took one final victory lap to soak it all in. In typical fashion, McSorley never quit being a leader to those around him.

Thanks for all the memories, #9.

Others Considered:

RB Miles Sanders- Sanders feasted on the Terps defense throughout he afternoon, and really seemed to benefit from the occasional breaks provided by a more regular rotation at running back. Sanders showed patience with the ball, and then exploded as holes developed for big gain after big gain. He averaged 9.1 yards per carry and finished with 128 yards on the ground.

DE Yetur Gross-Matos- I’m not sure what YGM’s housing situation will look like during the offseason since he has spent the last few months living in opponents’ backfields. He was a disruptive force all day, finishing with 3.5 TFLs and making life a nightmare for the Terps offense.

DT Kevin Givens- Givens led the charge for another incredible performance by Penn State’s defensive line. He helped shut down the interior to stop a potent Terps’ ground game and finished with two sacks.

RB Ricky Slade- Slade gave a sign of things to come, rushing for 64 yards on 11 carries and reaching the end zone twice.