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Success With Hyperlinking Wants an Encore

You couldn’t write a better script for Trace McSorley’s curtain call at Beaver Stadium, but he still has one more performance to cement his stardom.

Heather Weikel

As far as grand finales go, Trace McSorley had a pretty good day. In his final game at Beaver Stadium, McSorley played lights out as the Nittany Lions closed out the regular season on a high with a 38-3 win over Maryland.

While the praise has never been lost on McSorley, Saturday’s home finale provided many one more celebratory piece letting the quarterback know what he meant to the program.

After all the tears have dried from the emotional night, however, Penn State has one more contest left to play, and a number of possible outcomes awaiting. Some of the uncertainty hinges on the outcome of Saturday’s Big Ten Championship between No. 6 Ohio State and No. 21 Northwestern and the rest of Championship Saturday.

The uncertainty surrounding where the Nittany Lions will end up has created equal uncertainty regarding ticket sales.

While McSorley has a mantle’s worth of hardware during his time at Penn State, a handful of Nittany Lions also received postseason praise for their work on the field.

On the Mat

While many wish Trace McSorley could return for another season of action, wrestler Anthony Cassar is seeking to do just that. The fifth-year senior redshirted during the 2014-15 season and missed all of 2015-16 with an injury.