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MMQB - How Do You Feel About Quarterback Next Year?

Trace McSorley has carried this team on his back - and he may have finally collapsed, giving us a glimpse into next season

Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Well that game wasn’t very fun, was it? There are a lot of issues across the team right now - defensive line, linebackers, receivers. It’s just an off year. But all of a sudden, we have some issues at quarterback.

It started last week against Iowa, when Trace McSorley was sacked awkwardly, tweaking his knee. Tommy Stevens came in, and immediately showed off why so many people are excited for him to take the reins next year - he decisively used his 6-foot-4, 240-pound frame to run for significant yardage. He used his laser, rocket arm to get the team in field goal range, tying the game just before halftime.

Of course, Trace was cleared and returned to the game, ripping off a 51-yard touchdown run. But still, he looked off. Not as slippery in the run game, not stepping into the throws as much.

The hope was that he’d heal up before the Michigan game, but it wasn’t to be. Trace was still gimpy, and without a running quarterback in an offense which relies heavily on the quarterback running, the team stagnated.

Enter Tommy Stevens. The highly touted backup came into the game, ready to provide a spark - and threw a pick-six.

In general, the quarterbacks suffered yesterday. All credit to the Michigan defense - it was just as fierce as advertised. But it did provide at least a glimmer of doubt about the QB situation. This year is this year - if Trace is at least 80% healthy, he’s going to play. He’s earned the right, and has just a few games left before he rides off into the sunset.

But what about next year? How do you feel about the quarterback situation next year?

I still firmly believe the quarterbacks will be fine. One rough game does not undo an entire position group. Tommy is the favorite to take the starting spot, but should he falter, Sean Clifford will be ready. Behind him is Will Levis, who has shown off an absolute cannon in practice. And let’s not forget the dual blue-chip quarterbacks coming in as part of this year’s recruiting class - Taquan Roberson and Michael Johnson, Jr.

So sure, be angry about the blowout loss. Be concerned that Trace suddenly looks really dinged up. Be a little wary that Tommy struggled on Saturday. But consider the future, and realize that the QB room is set for the foreseeable future.

What say you?