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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 10

That whistling sound you hear is Penn State currently in free fall through the atmosphere

Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

1. Michigan

Well that settles it. As it stands, Michigan is the cream of the crop for the conference, and looks to be on the warpath, destined for the playoffs.

2. Ohio State

The Buckeyes stay here by virtue of their win over Nebraska, but they have looked off all season. Feels like it’s Michigan’s year this year.

3. Michigan State

Sparty put the kibosh on any talk of a Maryland upset, squashing the Terrapins. Next up are the Buckeyes.

4. Purdue

A week after losing to Michigan State, the Boilermakers took down a solid Iowa team. They don’t control their own destiny, but stand a chance of making the conference championship game, depending on how things shake out.

5. Iowa

A rough loss for the Hawkeyes, as any hopes of winning the West all but evaporated. Now Iowa will look to play spoiler to Northwestern.

6. Northwestern

Yes, Northwestern lost to a top 5 team, just like Penn State. But they at least showed signs of life. This gets them the nod for the six spot.

7. Penn State

If you’d told me that Penn State would go 0-3 against the top dogs of the East, I could believe it. If you’d told me that they’d only lose one game by more than 4 points, I would not have expected it to be Michigan. The season hinges on next week’s game against Wisconsin.

8. Wisconsin

The Badgers took care of Rutgers, but looked unimpressive in doing so. The upcoming game against Penn State will have some ramifications come bowl selection.

9. Maryland

And the yo-yo is on the way back down! A loss to Michigan State keeps the Terrapins down in this neck of the woods.

10. Nebraska

Sure, the Cornhuskers lost. But they stayed within a touchdown of the Buckeyes, something I doubt anyone below them on this list could do.

11. Indiana

Bye week for the Hoosiers.

12. Illinois

Where in the world did that come from? Just when you think you know someone, they stomp Minnesota by 24 points. Strange.

13. Minnesota

Did you know Minnesota had it in them to lose to Illinois by 24 points? I sure didn’t.

14. Rutgers

Rutgers actually looked competent against Wisconsin, only losing by two touchdowns! That’s a compliment, I think.