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Blessed & Honored: Visiting Dunmore, Moore Moves Up Commitment, and Fleming Schedules Another Visit

Two B&H’s in one week means that the recruiting trail is hot.

Todd Johnson


Three-star OT Jakai Moore was originally scheduled to announce next Wednesday, but the Virginia big man tweeted out last night that he’ll instead make his commitment on Monday afternoon.

This doesn’t mean a whole lot in reality, but if you want to look way too far into things — which we do around here — it is interesting timing considering James Franklin visited with Moore on Thursday night, while Will Muschamp won’t be going in-home until tonight.

Did he hear all he needed to hear from James Franklin to move his commitment up two days? Uh, that’s probably not the case. More likely, it’s just a coincidence, but still, something to make note of.

Penn State still leads South Carolina on Moore’s 247 Crystal Ball with a 58%-to-42% edge, but it goes without saying that this one could go either way.


IMG four-star RB Noah Cain announced on Twitter that he’ll be making his commitment on Wednesday, December 19 at 11:30 EST.

Although Cain announced a final six back in July, this decision is largely expected to be either Texas or Penn State. While the Longhorns were the longtime leaders here, the 247 Crystal Ball has been trending blue and white recently for Cain. There’s a lot of optimism in Happy Valley, we’ll see if it’s for real comes Wednesday.


With Miami continuing to snoop around, James Franklin, JaJuan Seider, and David Corley made the trek down to South Florida to check in on John Dunmore.

Dunmore has a number of teammates committed to Miami, but with Manny Diaz leaving for Temple (and potentially bringing some of the staff with him), it would seem like an odd move to make that jump now. We’ll see, but all in all, Penn State seems to be in a solid spot with Dunmore.


2020 five-star wideout Julian Fleming will be back at Penn State this weekend for the...

*checks notes*

...926th time.

Fleming is clearly enjoying the process, but Penn State still appears to be the big favorite here. Good to get him back on campus, though.