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Success with Hyperlinking is Recruiting Elite Athletes

Stars for days, on this edition of SWH

NCAA Football: Maryland at Penn State
Is the next Miles Sanders in the Class of 2019?
Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

I’m still not used to a version of National Signing Day in December, but it sure gives us plenty of links to which we link in our weekly links post. Very exciting linkage!

Who needs outsiders? We’ve got all the recruiting coverage you need right here at BSD! Pat’s all about the demonstrable upward trend that Penn State has established after signing the vast majority of the 2019 class, and has us all hyped about someday holding that ugly looking College Football Playoff trophy in the air because of Penn State’s dramatic Blue-Chip Ratio jump since 2014 (h/t to our main man, Bud Elliott).

In other words, Penn State hasn’t peaked yet. Take that, Chris!

Otherwise, BSD tracked Early National Signing Day news throughout the day, and it featured some really fun stuff, including a televised commitment from four-star running back Noah Cain. Marty’s handing out superlatives for Penn State Class of 2019, too.

The Mothership weighed in too. There was plenty to discuss on the national scene, where Penn State remained relevant. Bud and Ryan McFadden updated their prior piece to include Noah Cain’s commitment, referring to him as “one of the top backs in the nation.” Alex Kirschner talks winners and losers from Early Signing Day, and Ohio State somehow managed to find themselves in both categories. Bud’s got his 9 quick reactions to all of yesterday’s news, including an astounding stat - almost 90 percent of the top 250 players in America signed yesterday.

And finally, two fun things. First, congratulations to UNC for signing a kid named Storm Duck. Heck, congratulations to Storm Duck for having the opportunity to turn his own name into a brand. And of course, who can argue with Trey Sanders’ choice of attire during his commitment to Alabama. Noah Cain’s backfield mate at IMG Academy is definitely livin’ better now, Coogi sweater now.