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Go-Kart Unharmed After Trace McSorley Hits The Wall and Stalls The Engine

McSorley can lead a scoring drive but maybe he should let someone else drive the bus to the Citrus Bowl on Tuesday.

Penn State football had an outing this morning at Fun Spot Orlando, a small amusement park for mostly younger kids. The team had a nice time in the Florida sun while pairing up with children from the area, sharing the experience with the youngsters. The Kentucky football team was there as well, and players from each team hung out together for the final time before the Citrus Bowl.

Trace McSorley showed his competitive side while driving a go-kart on the double deck track, passing his teammates and about to catch the lead pack of drivers when disaster struck his vehicle. Coming into turn 14, at the very bottom of the incline to the second level of the course, McSorley got too close to the wall and collided with it. The airbag in the go-kart was not deployed, as his speed at the time was relatively slow. Also, go-karts don’t have airbags.

Maybe they should. Here is the crash video. We weren’t expecting to see anything so the video is Zapruder quality, sorry.

After being unable to move the kart up the incline, an attendant came to his rescue. It took a few minutes to restart the engine.

It was a rare occasion for his teammates to talk trash to the veteran leader, as some did as they whizzed past him.

The attendant and McSorley shared a smile and then a ride up the track.

Trace didn’t let the setback stall out the fun times, though. He and the rest of the team spent a couple of hours visiting with children and their parents, escorting them around the park.