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Breaking: Gavin Teasdale to Wrestle in Southern Scuffle

Super recruit 4x PA State Champ 125-pounder Gavin Teasdale is back on the Penn State team and out of redshirt

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Surprised! Gavin Teasdale has had quite a journey to this point. Once committed to Iowa, then to PSU, he began the Fall semester enrolled at Penn State but withdrew for “health reasons” in November.

NCAA rules are a cluster mess anyway, but with that organization’s current trend of bending over backwards to improve an appearance of PR that is pro-student-athlete (without paying them of course) keeping up with the rules set is nigh impossible. In an interview ahead of the ASU dual a few weeks ago, Cael himself stumbled through a mention of some “waiver” they were trying to get for Teasdale.

Boots on the ground in and around State College have suggested that Teasdale was seen multiple times on campus, with the coaches keeping a very closes eye on him, so we’ve been wondering might come of their efforts at navigating today’s NCAA paperwork.

Now we know!

Additionally, with Flowrestling’s Pyles reporting that not only is he NCAA-eligible, but he is also wrestling attached, we know that he is out of redshirt for this year.

This gives new meaning to our anticipated look at Penn State’s other young 125-pound stud, Brody Teske, who is registered to compete unattached. This means Teske is preserving his redshirt for this season, so far. And Teasdale is postponing his until some future season.

Got all that?

No worries. #LetsScuffle!