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MatCast: Iowa Edition

Clay Sauertieg and Garrett Carr break down Saturday’s dual against Iowa

Tom and Terry Brands bring their personal brand of lunacy to the BJC on Saturday night as their Iowa Hawkeyes take on top-ranked Penn State in the final Big Ten dual of the season.

Myself and Garrett Carr take to this week’s episode of the MatCast to discuss the following talking points:

  • How will Carson Kuhn handle Spencer Lee’s top game? How long will he last?
  • How does Nick Lee rebound after a tough loss
  • Is Brandon Sorenson close to Zain? If so, how close?
  • Can Vincenzo Joseph get to Alex Marinelli’s legs?
  • Who goes at 197? Who should go?
  • How does Nick Nevills handle Sam Stoll’s gargantuan size?

The MatCast can be found embedded below or by searching Lions247 on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify and Google Play Music.