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Blessed & Honored: Penn State Pushing for California and Texas 2019 Prospects

I changed the title of recruiting articles.

Indiana v Penn State Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Retirement of “Committany Nation”

Before we get into the recruiting news, a note on the title of football recruiting articles moving forward: I’m changing it. Obviously when I started here at BSD, the “Committany Nation” name was already set in place, and I just never put too much thought into changing it. But now that I’ve been here for two recruiting cycles, I wanted to come up with my own thing. Thus the debut of “Blessed & Honored” — a nod to all those recruits who are #blessed and #honored to receive offers.

I would have named it after lyrics in the Penn State fight song, but all the good lyrics are taken already.

Top 100 Cali Wideout Wants to Visit Happy Valley

247Sports’ Greg Biggins spoke with four-stare WR Kyle Ford last week, and Ford had good things to say about the Nittany Lions.

“I’m going to save all my official visits for the fall,” Ford said. “I may do some unofficial trips this spring and summer and I’m looking at Penn State, Oregon and Notre Dame for those right now.

”The schools I’m talking with the most are Colorado, Michigan, Washington and Penn State. I have a good relationship with all those coaching staffs.

USC and UCLA are also pushing for Ford, with the Trojans owning all four of his 247Sports Crystal Ball predictions.

It’s been a while since the Nittany Lions have landed a California prospect — the last being Koa Farmer in 2014 — but as the Penn State brand continues to grow nationally (see more below), you can expect to see the Nittany Lions dip their toe (paw?) into the California waters more and more.

Penn State in Top 10 for Five-Star CB

Speaking of recruiting on a national level, Penn State made the top 10 of five-star Louisiana CB Derek Stingley.

A one-time LSU commit, Stingley had 11 interceptions this past season, so he appears to be okay at the whole football thing. We’ll see if Penn State can squeeze a visit out of Stingley, but this feels like a Southern battle.

Penn State’s Strong #Brand

The folks at Pick Six Previews put out an interesting article on “How to Win in Recruiting.” In the piece, they discuss which programs have the strongest brand, based on a poll of 224 recruits.

As you can see, Penn State came in No. 3 behind just Clemson and Ohio State. Now, this certainly isn’t the end-all be-all when it comes to recruiting because somehow Alabama is way back at No. 19, but it does show you that Penn State is on the up-and-up.

And, yes, that is Pitt you see waaaaaaaaaaaay down there at No. 54. Hey Narduzzi, you STINK.