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BSD Mailbag 2.16.18

You’ve got questions, BSD has answers.


Caring is creepy and all, but on Moh’s scale, how excited are you that Penn State is recruiting at a top 5 level and accomplishing James Franklin’s early goal of Dominating the State? -06Lion

I’m a full-on diamond with an absolute hardiness of 1500. This is the first time in my life where I feel confident about the program getting to the point where they can simply reload regardless of the turnover at the end of the season- rather than waiting for the stars to align just right every now and then with the hopes of a national title run. Lose a few All-Americans, All-Big Ten first teamers, and a Butkis Award recipient? That’s cool, we’ll just hand things over to the five and four-star guys who were waiting their turn. We’ve been watching the Alabama and Ohio State do this for years, now it feels like it may finally be our turn. The future is incredibly bright, and things should only get much better from here.

Do you find this menu appealing or appalling? -WorldBFat

It’s...fascinating? I found the stream of consciousness somewhat refreshing, albeit a little scary as to what the hell is going on in the kitchen. I have yet to find any food that I dislike, so I would certainly give a few of these items a try.

As a kid what was more exciting….a new box of crayons or a new pack of play-doh? -LionfanAllen

Crayons all the way. Play Doh was fun, but got old after a little bit, and I wasn’t a fan of that funky smell. The possibilities of a big box of crayons were endless, and it was always a blast to find the new colors with weird names.

Are wiener wings a sandwich? -LarzLion

Sure. It’s meat, cheese and bread, so why not? This looks like something I would have made when I was 11 while watching Wings reruns during summer vacation.

Tom Bradley is new defensive back coach for Steelers. Do you see this as a major upgrade to the Steelers’ defense? -rju103

I think so. Scrap has done a tremendous job at each position he’s held throughout his coaching career (we’ll give him a pass for UCLA, since those players probably weren’t even aware that tackling is allowed in the PAC 12). By putting all of his focus on the secondary, he should be able to really improve the Steelers’ pass defense. Throughout his career, Penn State fielded some dominating defenses, even when talent and experience was limited in certain years. As long as the players buy in, Scrap should be a success on the next level as well.

Having perused Dawgs by Nature in the NFL offseason . . . . on a scale of 1 to “holy sh*t, they’ve gone to plaid,” where would you place the Browns fans whose opinions of Saquon’s draft status seem to consist of “PENN STATE AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY; HE CAIN’T RUN LIKE ZEKE PAAAWWWWL!” Seriously, I thought that shit stayed in the $EC. -NITTANYpuma

I can give plenty of insight here as a life-long Browns fan- also sorry in advance for the rant but thank you for allowing me to vent.

You will be hard to come by a more passionate and loyal fanbase. However, we’ve been traumatized by the complete ineptitude of the franchise during the past two decades that common sense has completely gone out the window. Sadly, an entire generation of Browns fans have never witnessed what it takes to succeed in the NFL- building through the draft, developing young talent, stability in the front office and coaching staff are all foreign concepts in Cleveland. The fanbase is used to everything being disposable- a rookie quarterback isn’t able to replicate Tom Brady? He sucks, cut him and throw away another first round pick on a quarterback who also can’t play at a high level as a rookie with no talent around him. A new coach goes 5-11? Can him, and bring in another coordinator from a losing team with the hopes he can be a miracle-worker in year one (although they are remaining loyal to the coach with a 1-31 record, so maybe that’s progress??).

It’s gotten to the point where the team has been so mismanaged they have an expansion franchise roster, yet expectations are that anyone they bring in should ride in on a white horse and completely turn them into a championship contender (which ain’t gonna happen any time soon). Except the fanbase has been burned so many times, they can’t believe in anyone to do so. This is where the idiotic comments on Barkley stem from- basically, Browns fans are against any potential draft pick or coaching hire because they assume it will be yet another bust and they will have to start front scratch once again. Let’s just call it self-preservation due to trauma.

Here’s the thing though- if any team could benefit from Barkley, it’s Cleveland. He would instantaneously change the dynamic of an offense that severely lacks talent. At the very least, he would give them a chance to win more often just through a few big plays a game as a runner, receiver and returner. However, it’s the Browns. If history dictates anything, they’ll use the #1 pick on a quarterback who they will release by 2021 and reach on another player at #4 who they will fail to develop and eventually trade for a sixth-round pick.

Will the decision of touchdown on Corey Clement’s catch in the Super Bowl be the new norm for the NFL as they seek to revise the catch rules? -CyphaPSU

I’m not going to pretend like I understand what constitutes a catch when the receiver hits the ground in the NFL, because probably no one really understands. However, I did assume Clement’s touchdown would stand since he tucked the ball and took three steps prior to hitting the ground. At that point, he completed the reception and was a ballcarrier, as opposed to trying to remain in possession after hitting the ground. Either way, this rule seems like it will be addressed in the offseason as there’s too much confusion and inconsistency with the way it’s judged from week to week. Of course, this is the NFL we’re talking about, so they may find a way to make the rule even more muddled.

What do you think the chances are that (Ellis) Brooks takes over the middle linebacker position which allows Parsons to move to the outside? -PSU12

Brooks is a four-star prospect with an impressive offer list who received praise throughout his redshirt season. So he may have an inside track to the starting MIKE ‘backer spot, but it still puts Penn State in a somewhat scary position- having to rely on a player with no experience thrive as a middle linebacker.

Brent Pry has exceeded expectations during his time at Penn State, and his system relies on playing disciplined football, being in the right position and making tackles in space. With a year under his belt to learn the defense, Brooks certainly has the potential to catch on and thrive in the middle.

Time goes faster as you get older, doesn’t it? -Smee

Absolutely yes. My dad warned me about it when I was a child, yet I am still amazed how year seems to fly by so much more quickly than the rest. Sometimes I’ll think about something from almost 20 years ago and swear it had just been two or three years at the most. I guess it’ a stark reminder to enjoy yourself and make every day count, because before you know it we’ll all be sitting in rocking chairs wondering how our lives managed to pass us by.