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D.J. Newbill Named In Most Recent Yahoo! Sports Report

This is all so stupid

Penn State v Iowa Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Pat Chambers declined to elaborate Monday on a Yahoo! Sports report on the FBI’s ongoing investigation into college hoops.

Friday’s report listed former Nittany Lion D.J. Newbill as one of more than 25 players listed as receiving payment from sports agency ASM Sports.

The reported listed Newbill’s name on a balance sheet dated “As of Dec. 31, 2015” under the headline “Loans to Players.”

It’s unclear, however, when Newbill received the $2,000 payment as he graduated from Penn State in May of 2015 and is currently listed as a client of ASM agent Rich Pina.

According to a report by, Chambers stated “We take the information very seriously. As of right now, the university needs time to look into that story. Until we know more, I’m not going to comment further on that.”